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  • Amway Business Owner (ABO)

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Sign up as an ABO to sell and enjoy our exclusive brands and national brand products for health, beauty, and home. You'll also appreciate a compensation plan that rewards your efforts and offers unparalleled support to guide your success.

ABO Application Acceptance Requirements

  • 1) To sign up as Amway Business Owner (ABO), you have to attain 18 years of age or older.
  • 2) Applicable to Malaysia Citizen and Permanent Resident.
  • 3) Husband & Wife are allowed to sign up only one ABOship.
  • 4) If your or your spouse is a current ABO in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, you are not allowed to submit again this sign up as these Countries are operated in a single Line of Sponsorship
  • 5) If you or your spouse ever been an ABO, you may contact our ABO Records Staff at 03-79462150, 2151 or 2154 for the necessary verification. This is to avoid any complication that may arise.
  • 6) All on-line sign up must have the Applicant's consent, true and correct information.

Download the  Amway Business Reference Guide . Your complete how-to guide including rules, regulations, and tips on business management, plus the information you need on awards and bonuses.

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