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Launch of the New Website Deferred

AMWAY Malaysia recently announced several exciting incentive programmes for Platinums & above. In view of the introduction of these incentive programmes, the Management of AMWAY Malaysia has received feedback from business leaders and decided to unveil the new mobile friendly website at a later date.

This decision was made in order to enable all business leaders to take full advantage of these programmes and maintain their focus on their AMWAY businesses, while minimising potential disruption to AMWAY Malaysia’s routine business processes.

We will provide more info on the launch date of the new website in due time. We thank you for your patience and look forward to providing you with the best mobile revolution experience in the near future.

24-month ZIPP for AAP & eSpring Promotion Extended until 31 March 2017

Healthy individuals come from healthy homes. With the ATMOSPHERE Air Purifier and eSpring Water Treatment System, you are assured of clean air and better-tasting water in the comfort of your home.

As we are receiving overwhelming response to the 24-month ZIPP for ATMOSPHERE and eSpring, we are extending this promotion until 31 March 2017 to boost your retailing effort. Share this amazing deal and the benefits of these trusted brands with your downlines, prospects and customers now! The 24-month ZIPP for APP & eSpring is not applicable with any other existing promotions in March 2017.

Nutrition & Wellness Promotion Extended Until 15 March 2017

Versatile, convenient and durable, the Pinnacle Cooler Box, as featured in the Nutrition & Wellness Promotion is your definite choice to keep or transport food and beverage to keep them fresher and cooler for longer! With the school holidays and various events and celebrations around the corner, grab this final chance to own one for yourself and your loved ones. Hurry, the extended promotion is only valid until 15 March 2017, or while stocks last, whichever comes first.


Retail EFFECTIVELY with the BodyKey Flip Chart

Flip your way to success with the NEW BodyKey Flip Chart. This simple, concise and effective flip chart contains all you need to know about the BodyKey Weight Management Programme. It also helps you understand what sets it apart from other similar products in the market, enabling you to share and retail more effectively.

  • Easy to understand
  • Complete and concise information
  • Handy retailing tool


Load Up on Protein Power

Be it breakfast, morning or evening tea, lunch, dinner or dessert, you will find new inspiration and recipes to prepare healthy meals and snacks for your loved ones in the new NUTRILITE Protein Recipe Collection!


Personal Shoppers Catalogue (pack of 5)

Colour your life with an irresistible collection of goodies. From efficient kitchen helpers to purposeful household items and desirable personal articles, find what you need in the allnew Personal Shoppers Catalogue!


Embracing The Mobile Revolution

The day is finally upon us! Come be a part of AMWAY Malaysia’s mobile revolution. It’s time for AMWAY Business Owners (ABOs) to engage in a seamless digital experience on their smartphones and tablets.


Enjoy the best experience our brand new website

Enjoy the best experience our brand new website has to offer by upgrading your Internet Explorer.


More Interactive, More Attractive!

The newly enhanced eAMAGRAM will impress you with its interactive and attractive features. Get ready for a better reading experience and easy access to information!


InBodyBAND 2nd Year Limited Warranty

In a continuous effort to support AMWAY Business Owners and customers, all new and existing InBodyBAND users are entitled to an extended one-year limited warranty of the InBodyBAND from the date of purchase.

The 2nd year Limited Warranty only covers manufacturing defect of the electronic components of the InBodyBAND.

For further enquiries, please contact our After-Sales-Service in AMWAY HQ, Petaling Jaya or your nearest AMWAY Shop.

Good News! BodyKey Now Comes with a 3-Year Master Code Expiry Extension

Existing BodyKey Users:
With the new 3-year extension, all activated users are able to use the BodyKey App until 31 December 2019.
•​ New BodyKey Users:
Effective 31 December 2016, all master codes will carry an additional 3-year expiry from the date of activation.​


Important Note: 180-day validity upon activation has now been abolished and all BodyKey users will get to use the BodyKey App for at least 3 years or longer.