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Y Xpress Talent

Are you ready to be an AMWAY star?

Now’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your hidden talent and shine on stage. Sing, dance or entertain your way to stardom, and stand a chance to compete for the Champion title at the much-awaited Y Me Rally 2014!

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NUTRILITE Board Game Challenge

In conjunction with the NUTRILITE 80th Anniversary celebration, we are giving you a chance to demonstrate your AMWAY spirit, test your agility and tickle your brain in the NUTRILITE Board Game Challenge and win a trip to Trout Lake Farm and the Center for Optimal Health!


i)​ STEP 1:
Buy NUTRILITE products# at a minimum of DP RM350.00 | B$135.00 in a single receipt from 1–30 April 2014.​
#Excluding non-PV/BV and PWP items.
ii)​ STEP 2:
Submit the entry form with proof of purchase manually to your nearest Shop/RDC from 1-20 April 2014*.​
Log in to and register via Event Registration. Registration starts 1 April 2014 and ends 30 April 2014, 12 p.m.*​

Note: Each entry is limited to one pax per receipt. Proof of purchase must indicate purchase order number.


Diamond Recognition Meeting

Diamond Direct Distributors Edwin Lim Weng Yee & Lynette Soh Wee Lyn

Certain that he wouldn’t achieve financial freedom as an employee, Edwin opened a boutique at 19, followed by a hair styling academy at 25. When they found out about the lifestyle and uncommon freedom they could achieve, they decisively switched paths and focused on building an AMWAY business. They began to see remarkable achievements in five years; from qualifying as Platinum and Ruby Directs in 2007 until their Emerald Direct qualification in 2012. They have no plans of stopping anytime soon. In fact, they are setting ever higher goals to help more of their friends make a positive change through AMWAY.

Date:​ 29 April 2014​
Time:​ 8.00 p.m.​
Venue:​ Katerina Hotel, Batu Pahat​


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Executive Diamond Recognition Meeting

Executive Diamond Direct Distributors B Mugunthan & Sarina Dewi Chellaiah

Sarina’s initial belief that AMWAY was too small a business to help her achieve her dreams changed during the 1997 recession when her parents’ AMWAY business grew instead of dwindled. Mugunthan used to help in his father’s business after graduating but the business went downhill two years later. Their common goal to achieve a lifetime of rewards and a strong desire to give back to the community brought them together. At only 26, they qualified as Diamonds, enjoying unlimited income and uncommon freedom. Now they have reached another level of achievement “Life is not a chance, but a choice.” The best choice they have is AMWAY.

Date: 8 May 2014​
Time: 8.00 p.m.​
Venue: Dewan Merdeka, PWTC Kuala Lumpur​


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Surging Ahead with You

Regional Rally & Leadership Meeting

Gear up and get ready for an exciting Regional Rally and Leadership Meeting! First stop in East Malaysia, we have prepared a line-up of fun activities for you and your prospects.

Event Highlights:

-​ Guest Speaker from Hong Kong: Diamond Direct Distributor Enosh Tse
-​ Fun Activities​
-​ Flash Speakers​
-​ Y Xpress Talent​


East Malaysia
May 12 10am - 12pm​ Kuching​ ​ Pullman Hotel Leadership Meeting*​
  8pm -10pm Regional Rally​
May 14 10am -12pm​ Kota Kinabalu The Pacific Sutera Hotel​ ​ Leadership Meeting*​
May 15 8pm -10pm Regional Rally​

*Leadership Meeting is open to Silver Producers and above only. Register online.


Mark these dates! West Malaysia (Look out for more exciting updates on guest speakers and fun activities in the coming AMAGRAM.)

Aug 19 - 20​ Ipoh​
Aug 21​ Kuala Lumpur​
Aug 22​ Johor Bahru​


MORE DETAILS | About Enosh Tse

Rali Peluang Perniagaan Amway 2014

Pendaftaran Pengedar Baru • Cabutan Bertuah • Peragaan Produk & Demo

Sebagai sebahagian daripada inisiatif syarikat untuk mengembangkan Pasaran Bumiputera, satu siri Rali Peluang Perniagaan AMWAY akan diadakan dari Februari hingga Mei 2014.​
-​ Acara ini dibuka kepada semua.​
-​ Gunakan acara-acara ini sebagai peluang untuk mengenali lebih lanjut tentang Peluang Perniagaan AMWAY & produk AMWAY. Alami Kehebatan Bersama AMWAY!
-​ Peragaan Produk & Demo di Melaka & Pulau Pinang: 11.30 pagi hingga 2.30 ptg​
-​ PERCUMA Ujian Ketumpatan Tulang di Melaka & Pulau Pinang​


Ahad​ 16 Feb​ 2.00 ptg​ ​Hotel Avillion, Melaka
Jumaat​ 28 Mac​ 8.00 mlm​ Hotel Rizqun International, Brunei​
Sabtu​ 5 April​ 2.00 ptg​ Pusat Konvensyen Karnival Sunway, Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang​
Sabtu​ 17 Mei​ 2.00 ptg​ Hotel Puteri Pacific, Johor Bahru​


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NUTRILITE Memory and You

Vitality does not just mean having a lively, strong physique; it also means having an active, healthy mind. However, environmental aggressors, lifestyle habits and physiological changes may pose risks to a person’s concentration and memory, resulting in poor concentration and memory loss.

Join us for an informative session with NUTRILITE scientist, Dr Dawna Venzon, on ways to boost memory, encourage brain health and enhance mental alertness.

Highlights at the Rally:

  • Cistanche tubulosa and ginkgo biloba – why were these two herbal extracts chosen?
  • The research and benefits of these herbs
  • How these herbs boost memory and enhance mental alertness?


ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Advanced Skin Refinisher Rally

The ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Advanced Skin Refinisher is the fourth and latest addition in the exciting Intensive Skincare range. This intensive yet gentle daily “Smart Pore Eraser” sweeps away dullness to visibly tighten pores and dramatically reveal softer, smoother, and more even skin tone after just one use!

Discover the breakthrough technology of Refinishing Complex and how you can visibly improve the appearance of pores. Join us for a rally with our specially invited expert speaker, Penelope (Penny) Anderson.

Highlights at the Rally:

  • Refinishing Complex – how this exclusive innovation leaves you looking “wow” upon first application
  • What are the natural, yet highly effective ingredients used in the formula to reinforce skin’s natural support