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AMWAY Water Treatment System

I have changed my Carbon Filter and UV Bulb. However, the filtered water still comes out very slow, although the water pressure is high. What could be the reason?

I just went into the site and the Awmay Water Treatment System is not listed in their "Product/Services Listing." Where can I find the listing in order to further enhance the confidenc...

If the Amway Water Treatment System is not sent in for periodical calibration of its reading or measuring instruments (to determine when to change the filter), how can we be assured that it would ...

Is the Amway Water Treatment System approved by any Malaysian authority? Is it legal to install the Amway Water Treatment System onto a kitchen tap where the water sourced is directly from the mai...

Is the Amway Water Treatment System certified by SIRIM, WQA and NSF? How and where can the certification be verified?

Is there any sensor that indicates to users the level of contaminants on the carbon filter?

Reverse Osmosis Technology claims that minerals in water are not necessary. On the other hand, Amway Water Treatment System does not remove certain minerals. Which minerals are not removed by the ...

What are the common causes of cracked tubing?

What is the stock number for the 1st Generation Water Treatment System tubing?

What's the proper way to replace the Amway Water Treatment System parts (i.e. carbon filter/UV bulb/ battery)?

Where to check the NSF Certification for Amway Water Treatment System?

Amway Air Treatment System

Can the Amway Air Treatment System filter the SARS virus?

Can the particulate filter be re-used if washed?

Does the system need to be placed at a certain distance from people and walls to ensure safety?

Does this system affect room temperature?

I have just changed the odour filter (filter 1). However, even after replacing the filter, the indicator still blinks to indicate a replacement is needed. Why?

My ATS indicator shows that replacement is required for filter 1. Which is filter 1?

Recently, my Amway ATS unit is experiencing heavy usage due to the haze problem and is emitting a "smoky" smell when I switched it on. Why?

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