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The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V skin care collection offers a comprehensive approach to hydration suitable for all skin types.

The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection was developed to be suitable for all skin types: dry, combination and oily.

Oily skin: Oily skin can produce enlarged pores, a dull or shiny look, thick-looking complexion, blackheads, pimples, or other blemishes. Oiliness can change depending upon the time of year or the weather. Oily skin can be caused or made worse by hormonal imbalances, stress, exposure to heat or too much humidity.

Combination skin: A combination skin type can be dry or normal in some areas and oily in others, such as the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin). Combination skin can produce overly dilated pores, blackheads, and shiny skin in the oilier areas, however, it often has no severe sensitivity, barely visible pores in drier areas, and an overall radiant complexion.

Dry skin: Almost invisible pores, dull, rough complexion, red patches, less elasticity, more visible lines. When exposed to drying factors, skin can crack, peel, or become itchy, irritated, or inflamed. If your skin is very dry, it can become rough and scaly.

The Power System is a trio of the most powerful ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products: Vital Skin Serum Concentrate, Nourishing Gel Cream and Refreshing Eye Gel Cream. These three products work together to provide your skin exactly what it needs to hydrate your skin immediately and over time to maintain a youthful look.

For maximum stability, the products should be stored at room temperature (below 30°C, 86°F) and away from direct sunlight.

The shelf life of the product is three years, unopened. Once the product is opened, it has a 12-month shelf life after opening.

Yes. The total granted and pending patents for the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection, including ingredients and package design is 16.

Clinical testing was done to support all safety and efficacy claims.

The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection is primarily targeted for women aged 18-30 who are concerned with hydration. While age is not the determining factor (all women with occasional dehydration concerns will benefit), the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V line is the entry into ARTISTRY skin care.

The new ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser and Fresh Softening Lotion have been specifically developed to be suitable for all skin types.

The different textures were developed to address the different needs of the consumer for different seasons and skin type. Consumers have the ability to mix and match based on skin needs.

Any of the moisturisers (hydrators) can be used day or night.

Our new technology in the Vital Skin Serum Concentrate is called the Hydra Complex. The Hydra Complex is a proprietary blend of ingredients – including the Himalayan Pink Rock Minerals – which manage the surface skin cells to improve:
1. Moisture transportation, storage and retention.
2. Skin cell organisation, restore youthful cell shape and ability to pack together – making them better able to form a strong moisture barrier.
In addition, Himalayan Pink Rock Minerals provide nutrient-rich minerals to further optimise hydration.

The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products contain naturally based ingredients, some of which have a tendency to darken over time. For example, over time a white cream may transition to an off-white colour, a light blue gel may become more green-blue. Regardless of colour change or shift, the efficacy remains the same.

Some formulas are lightly tinted to remind the user of water and hydration. It is normal for products to lighten or change colour slightly when exposed to air.

The light blue beads are to remind the user of watery hydration and they also contain three vitamins: Vitamin A, C and E. The beads soften while in the product and most will break during the pumping /dispensing process to provide the freshest mixture of vitamins. Any beads not broken will easily and gently break during application and release the vitamins.

The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection name is a combination of HYDRA (a derivation of the Latin root word for water) and V (representing the word ‘vital’ – meaning full of life). Together they reference the goal of refreshed, replenished and revitalised skin.

The expected use-up rate for ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products is approximately six to eight weeks.

All ARTISTRY skin care follows the Cleanse, Tone, Treat, Eye Care, Moisturise philosophy.

  • Cleanse: Fresh Foaming Cleanser
  • Tone: Fresh Softening Lotion
  • Treat: Vital Skin Serum Concentrate
  • Eye Care: Refreshing Eye Gel Cream
  • Moisturise: Refreshing Gel, Nourishing Gel Cream

All hydrators provide hydration, each texture is designed for personal preference.

The Refreshing Gel contains special ingredients to control excess sebum and shine, and is suitable for women with oily-combination skin, including those who tend to have breakthrough shine during the day. It has a refreshing and cooling feel during application. It is lightweight and may be preferred for use by those in the hotter seasons/climates.

The Nourishing Gel Cream is suitable for all skin types. It is a medium-bodied gel cream containing a lower level of sebum controlling ingredients and has a slightly more emollient feel.

ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products are aesthetically compatible with all ARTISTRY skin care products, including the ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKINCARE product line.

Pure Norwegian Fjord Water, nutrient-rich Himalayan Pink Rock Minerals, and moisture-locking Hawaiian Acai.

The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Liposome that delivers Norwegian Fjord Water, the Hydra Complex to manage water retention and flow, and Hawaiian Acai and our Moisturising Liposome to lock hydration in.

The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Liposome is an exclusive liposome filled with Norwegian Fjord Water and other humectant ingredients designed especially for the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Line. Liposomes are microscopic lipid spheres that are capable of holding active ingredients and releasing them into the skin.

The Hydra Complex is a proprietary blend of ingredients – including Himalayan Pink Rock Minerals – that help skin to improve water transportation, storage, retention and packing/organisation of surface skin cells.

The moisturising liposome is exclusive to AMWAY and contains ingredients rich in omegas and ceramides to help support a healthy moisture barrier.

It is a natural moisturiser in skin, connective tissue and lubricant (e.g. in joints). Since sodium hyaluronate can absorb up to 1000x its own weight in water it is a highly effective natural moisturiser.

In order to provide the most refreshing experiential textures, ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products are SPF-free. The ARTISTRY skin care routine does recommend the use of a UV product, such as ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE UV 50+ PA++++.

The addition of SPF can limit textural attributes. To provide the most refreshing experiential textures, we have not added SPF to ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products.

The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection contains an exclusively developed, fresh, watery floral fragrance, containing watery nuances with hints of fresh fruits which float like water lilies across pools of creamy waves. Natural hints of dewy green notes flow into lush peony petals and sheer musks in this feminine composition.

Yes, there are ingredients derived from animals present in the formulas. For example, Squalane, a lipid derived from shark liver oil, sterol lipids from wool grease, and chitosan (from crustacean shells). These ingredients are also used in other ARTISTRY products.

ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products do not contain any wheat ingredients. They do contain a patented oat derivative, so we would not characterise the line as gluten-free.

The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection includes a low-level soy derived ingredient in all products. All ingredients have gone through a thorough safety evaluation.

All products contain the organically-grown Chia Seed Oil, it is in the moisturising liposome.

No. Scientist Peter Agre, of John Hopkins University, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering aquaporins, and this discovery inspired the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection.

All ARTISTRY products have been thoroughly tested on groups of individuals representing all skin types. There was no evidence of allergenic response or extreme skin irritation. However, we do recognise that no testing programme can assure that no one will ever develop minor reactions. No skin care product is guaranteed to be 100% irritation-free for everyone.

Generally, we do not recommend that any cosmetic product be used after a “bad” sunburn or any treatment that causes extreme inflammation. The products should only be used after inflammation has subsided. For use after a chemical peel or laser treatment, one should consult their physician.

No other ARTISTRY products need to be avoided when using ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products. ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products were formulated to be compatible with all other ARTISTRY skin care products.

No skin care product is guaranteed to be 100% irritation-free for everyone. All ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products are thoroughly tested for skin compatibility and safety, but there are always a small number of people sensitive to certain ingredients. Otherwise, the products are considered completely safe when used as directed. Just as some people are allergic to pets or dust, others are allergic to common cosmetic ingredients. Of course, we are careful not to use any ingredients that are known to cause allergic reactions. It must also be kept in mind that the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products contain many highly effective and efficacious ingredients in order to provide the high level of hydration benefits. If redness develops or the sensations become more severe the consumer should discontinue use.

ARTISTRY HYDRA V products were not tested on animals. ARTISTRY scientists conducted clinical and consumer testing with human volunteers.

Results are individual and depend on many factors such as age and condition of skin. Generally, most people will see and feel an immediate result, or after one use, in skin hydration and smoothness. Under clinical testing, women noticed an improvement in skin texture and they felt their skin looked healthier in as little as three days. Benefits increased with continued use.

The benefits of ARTISTRY HYDRA-V products include increased hydration, smoothness, suppleness and healthier looking skin.

Clinical testing has shown a significant improvement in skin benefits when using the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Power System. The products included in the Power System are the Vital Skin Serum Concentrate, Nourishing Gel Cream and Refreshing Eye Gel Cream.

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