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ARTISTRY FLORA CHIC Eau de Parfum (50ml)

Charm and delight the world around you with ARTISTRY Flora Chic, the first prestige fragrance from ARTISTRY. A long wearing Eau de Parfum, inspired by grace and elegance.

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Our first prestige fragrance presents the opportunity to further build the equity of the ARTISTRY brand. Already established as a global force in the skin care and make-up categories, the new fragrance arena allows us to express a more youthful and exuberant side, and establish an even deeper emotional connection with our consumers.

The exclusive combination of notes that compose the ARTISTRY Flora Chic name are inspired by the legendary Les Jardins de Bagatelle in Paris. Here, amongst thousands of roses perfuming the air, our perfumer’s imagination was sparked to create a modern mélange of signature florals with a note of sparkling citrus.

Using the highest-quality raw materials, each note was finely balanced until perfection was ultimately achieved. The ARTISTRY Flora Chic brand was evaluated with more than 100 fragrances and then refined through numerous variations to find the final distinctive and feminine scent.

The ARTISTRY Flora Chic brand name was developed exclusively for the ARTISTRY brand by the prestigious Fine Fragrance House of Givaudan, located in Paris, France and New York City. A global leader in fragrance creation, its perfumers have designed the world’s most sought-after scents for more than 250 years.

The exclusive combination of notes that compose the ARTISTRY Flora Chic name include French Clementine, Bulgarian Rose and Ylang Ylang from Madagascar. The ARTISTRY Flora Chic fragrance is classified as an Eau de Parfum – more concentrated than an Eau de Toilette – and designed as a catalyst to create unforgettable moments.

Our source of inspiration for the ARTISTRY Flora Chic name comes from the woman who is the essence of effortless elegance, irresistible with allure and has an effervescent sense of joie de vivre. Filled with confidence, never pretentious, she charms the world with her own unique, chic style, as she delights in herself.

Each precious drop of ARTISTRY Flora Chic fragrance floats inside an exquisite crystal cut objet d’art. The cap alone is composed of 20 individual components, and crafted with the personal touch of 28 artisans. The colours of the bottle and cap were chosen to represent the intersection of eternal femininity and luxury – using metallic gold and soft pink.

Cushioned with sophistication and softness, the pillow top cap is an homage to the tufted seat found at a dressing table, where a woman completes her beauty rituals before facing the world. Enhancing the cap, a ribbon of raw silk alludes to the ties of a ballet slipper, symbolising elegance, grace and strength.

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