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ARTISTRY Flora Chic Collection Set

- ARTISTRY Flora Chic Fragrance (50ml)
- ARTISTRY Flora Chic Shimmering Bath & Shower Gel (200ml)
- ARTISTRY Flora Chic Shimmering Body Lotion (200ml)
- ARTISTRY Flora Chic Fragrance (2ml)

Artistry Flora Chic Shimmering Bath & Shower Gel: 
Experience pure luxury that leaves your skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth.

Artistry Flora Chic Fragrance: A scent that uplifts the spirit, indulges the senses, and charms the world.

Artistry Flora Chic Shimmering Body Lotion: Let the moisture-rich formula softly comfort and smoothen your skin for a subtle glow.

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RM 531.00

Item #: 273603


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