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ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA Lifting Cream is intensely rich and can profoundly nourish and moisturise the skin. It leaves the skin softer and suppler with a rosy, healthy-looking glow.

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The ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA skin care collection treats mature skin by utilising exclusive Red Caviar Complex for a youthful, healthy, rosy-glow and firm and lifted look.

The shelf life of the product is three years, unopened. Once the product is opened, it has a 12-month time period after opening.

Third party clinical testing was done to support all safety and efficacy claims.

Women who are interested in a firmer, more lifted look with a youthful, healthy, rosy-glow. The ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA Collection is targeted to women in their early 40s and above.

The ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA products contain natural based ingredients, some of which may have a tendency to darken slightly over time. Regardless of any colour change, the product efficacy remains the same.

The lightly tinted formulas remind the user of the precious Red Caviar Complex within the formula. It is normal for the formulas to get a little lighter when exposed to light.

The expected use-up rate for the Lifting Eye Serum Concentrate, Lifting Essence Concentrate, and Lifting Cream is approximately six to eight weeks. Usage rates are based on AM and PM daily usage.

The only product designed for eye area use is the Lifting Eye Serum Concentrate. Do not apply the product directly to the eye using the dropper. Rather, press button to dispense one precious drop onto the tip of your ring finger. Lightly smooth under the eye and around the orbital bone, avoiding direct contact with the eyes.

For best results, it is recommended to apply an ARTISTRY eye cream after serum application for the ultimate younger-looking eye. The Lifting Eye Serum Concentrate was formulated to be used with an ARTISTRY eye cream, such as the ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Enriching Eye Cream.

  • Cleanse: ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Rich Cleansing Foam
  • Tone: ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Softening Lotion
  • Treat: ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA Lifting Eye Serum Concentrate, ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA Lifting Essence Concentrate
  • Moisturise: ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Enriching Eye Cream, ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA Lifting Cream
  • Perfect: ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Lifting Smoothing Foundation

ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA is aesthetically compatible with all ARTISTRY skin care products, including the ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare product line.

This is a special, travel-friendly feature. The nozzle should be rotated one-eighth turn counterclockwise to unlock and allow the product to disperse. The nozzle can be re-locked by rotating one-eighth turn clockwise.

The featured ingredient technology is Red Caviar Complex, containing a variety of ingredients including Red Caviar, Silvervine fruit, Evening primrose, Green Acerola, Black Tea ferment, Yeast, Micro-X 6 peptide, Cucumber extract, Barley extract, Sunflower seed extract, Allantoin, Withania Summifera Root, and Winter Cherry.

The fragrance, developed exclusively for YOUTH XTEND, contains a delicate bouquet of Jasmine, Magnolia, Green Tea, Citrus and Cedarwood.

Exclusive to ARTISTRY products, this six amino-acids-long peptide (hexapeptide) helps to repair visible skin damage, smoothing and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The ingredient is present in both ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND and ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA formulas.

Silvervine Fruit extract and Winter Cherry extract are used throughout the line to help aid in improvement in skin clarity for a healthy, rosy glow. The Micro-Lifting ingredient blend – Sunflower Seedcake, Barley and Cucumber Extract – helps provide cushion and a more youthful distribution of lipids in the skin’s surface microstructure for firmer, more defined facial contours.

No. During the day, it is recommended to apply an SPF 15 sunscreen or higher after your moisturiser to help protect skin against harmful UV rays, which can accelerate skin aging.

The fragrance, developed exclusively for ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA, is a subtle and elegant variation of the ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND fragrance. The rose accord is heightened over the other two main notes, cedarwood and green tea, giving it a more classic aura to appeal to a more sophisticated customer.

All ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA products include a low-level soy-derived ingredient. Each ingredient has gone through a thorough safety evaluation.

ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA products do not contain any wheat ingredients. But they do contain an Oat derivative and Barley extract, so we would not characterise these products as gluten-free.

The following NUTRILITE-approved ingredient has been included in ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA formulas: Green Acerola Cherry. This extract provides antioxidant protection against environmental stressors.

Results are individual and depend on many factors such as age and condition of skin. A third-party clinical study was completed with women using ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA for 12 weeks, and their results were the following:

  • After just 1 use, 94% of women experienced a clinically measured improvement in smoothness.*
  • In 2 weeks, 87% of women saw a more youthful radiance.**
  • In 4 weeks, 89% of women noticed improvement in skin suppleness.**
  • In 8 weeks, 97% of women had a reduction in skin yellowness due to aging.*
  • In 12 weeks, 80% of women noticed a lifted look.**

    *Lifting Essence Concentrate and Lifting Cream together.
    **Lifting Essence Concentrate, Lifting Cream and Lifting Eye Serum Concentrate together.

The main benefits of ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA include firmer, more lifted looking skin with a healthy, rosy glow.

All ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA products have been thoroughly tested on groups of individuals representing all skin types, including sensitive skin. There was no evidence of allergic response or extreme skin irritation. However, we recognise that no testing programme can assure that no one will ever develop minor reactions. No skincare product is guaranteed to be 100% irritation free for everyone.

Generally, we do not recommend that any cosmetic product be used after a bad sunburn or any treatment that causes extreme inflammation. The products should only be used after inflammation has subsided. For use after a chemical peel or laser treatment, one should consult their physician.

No other ARTISTRY products need to be avoided when using ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA products. ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA was formulated to be compatible with all other ARTISTRY skin care products.

No skin care product is guaranteed to be 100% irritation-free for everyone. All ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA products are thoroughly tested for skin compatibility and safety, but there are always a small number of people sensitive to certain ingredients. Otherwise, the products are considered completely safe when used as directed. Just as some people are allergic to pets or dust, others are allergic to common cosmetic ingredients. Of course, we are careful not to use any ingredients that are known to cause allergic reactions. It must also be kept in mind that the ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA products contain many highly effective and efficacious ingredients in order to provide the high level of anti-aging benefits. If redness develops or the sensations become more severe, the consumer should discontinue use.

ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND ULTRA products were not tested on animals. We conduct clinical and consumer testing with human volunteers.

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