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ARTISTRY Beauty Assessment

Get a ARTISTRY Beauty Assessment*, along with recommendations on which AMWAY products suit your daily needs best.


1. F.A.C.E.S 2.0 Skin Complexion Analysis
Fine lines and wrinkles
Hidden and visible pigmentation
Visible pores
2. Experience ARTISTRY Skin Care Products
Product texture testing
Discover the six-step regimen to flawless skin
Proper method of ARTISTRY skin care application
Find out which products suit your skin’s needs
3. HD Pro Hair Analysis
Scalp type
Sebum level
Hair density
Hair loss
Pore condition
Hair damage
Hair thickness
4. Experience ARTISTRY Cosmetic Products
Product texture and colour testing
Discover the appropriate cosmetic colours for your skin tone
Learn the method, sequence and proper way to apply cosmetics
  *Select only TWO out of the four options. The Beauty Consultants reserve the right to recommend and adjust the length of each session where necessary.

NOTE: Please come without make-up and wash/clean your hair/scalp to ensure a more accurate beauty/hair assessment.

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