About AMWAY QUEEN Cookware

Use AMWAY QUEEN Cookware to enhance your food both in terms of look and taste, while retaining the nutrients you need.


AMWAY QUEEN products use advanced, patented technology and are designed with the healthiest possible cooking in mind.


Quality, durable cookware locks in vital nutrients and great taste, contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

AMWAY QUEEN Cookware uses the unique VITALOK cooking method to lock in over a third more essential vitamins and minerals than traditional cooking methods.

Multi-ply Stainless Steel
The multi-ply Stainless Steel construction improves heat distribution and retention, so foods and sauces cook evenly. The quality construction is designed to last a lifetime.


How it works:
The VITALOK cooking method works by creating a moisture seal between the pan and the lid. As steam condenses on the inside of the pan’s lid, water begins to collect between the pan and the lid, called the “set down” area. When the set down area has sufficient water and a stable cooking temperature, the moisture seal is formed. The moisture seal helps prevent moisture from escaping from the pan allowing the food to cook in a gentle steam vapor.

Product Design

The stainless steel craftsmanship of AMWAY QUEEN Cookware brings an elegant, timeless appeal to any kitchen or cooking environment.

Ergonomic Knobs and Handles
Patented, oven-safe, ergonomic handles and knobs are designed for Asian hands, providing comfort and ease-of-use.

Stack Cooking and Storage
With its unique stack design, all parts in the cookware work together in a system. An entire meal can be stack-cooked on one burner, saving space and energy. In addition, all cookware pieces can be conveniently stacked and stored, saving space in your cupboards or on your countertops.


Stacking it up:
AMWAY QUEEN cookware features more than 20 possible stack cooking combinations, giving you the flexibility to cook in nearly any kitchen environment.

Value & NSF Certification

Invest in your health and well-being with AMWAY QUEEN Cookware, designed to last for generations, lifetime guaranteed. With a wide selection of premium pots, pans, and accessories, you’ll discover the joy and efficiency of preparing healthy meals for your loved ones.

NSF International
AMWAY QUEEN products are certified by NSF International, the leading global independent public health and safety company. To receive certification, AMWAY QUEEN Cookware products had passed a rigorous set of testing requirements verifying product quality, performance and material evaluation, and regulatory compliance. You can find us in the NSF Consumer Home Product Listings by visiting www.nsf.org.

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