ARTISTRY Men is the complete skin care solution for the contemporary man. With DermaSync technology, a dual-phased blend for oil control and moisture management, it helps the skin look healthier and resist visible signs of aging.

Ingredients and Technology

ARTISTRY Men's exclusive DermaSync technology contains a two-phase blend of ingredients for oil control and moisture management. It works in two phases to help restore men’s skin and infuse moisture for a noticeably youthful look.


Phase One: Oil Control


Contains oil-controlling ingredients (Zinc PCA, Butyl Avocadate and Witch Hazel) that help prevent shine, leaving skin healthy-looking.


Phase Two: Moisture Management


Contains an advanced blend of moisturising ingredients which deeply hydrate skin and help to improve the skin’s barrier, which is responsible for managing moisture levels. The NMF Liposomes help deliver essential lipids and moisturisers into the skin to exactly where they are needed.

Together, these two phases work to help men’s skin look noticeably healthier, more youthful and more invigorated.

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