About ARTISTRY Supreme LX



Fusing leading-edge technology and carefully crafted high-performing formulas, ARTISTRY SUPREME LX delivers effective anti-aging results, leading to a skin transformation that virtually erases multiple signs of visible aging, to reveal the ultimate luxury of supremely beautiful skin.


  • • Appearance of fine lines and deep set wrinkles dramatically diminish.
  • • Crepey, thinning skin becomes firmer and smoother.
  • • Dark spots and discolourations fade.
  • • Even tone and clarity visibly improve.
  • • Skin appears vibrant and healthy, sumptuously cared for, lovingly pampered.
  • • Overall, a beautiful, phenomenally youthful appearance emerges.

Ingredients and Technology


The technologically advanced, extravagantly rich formula in ARTISTRY SUPREME LX is infused with the following key ingredients:


  • • Gardenia Grandiflora Stem Cells, which help resynchronise the biorhythm of the skin so that the functions of repair and protection occur when they are needed the most, thus optimising their effectiveness in preventing the visible signs of aging
  • • CellEffect24, an exclusive complex of 24 Karat Gold and other highly efficacious ingredients infused within a multiphase technology that helps replenish, energise, repair and protect the skin, addressing both the environmental and natural causes of skin aging
  • • 24 Karat Gold, which is theorised to promote electron transfer to help the turnover of skin cells, improving the appearance of wrinkles.


In just three days, the skin and eye area look younger and firmer, as visible wrinkles fade away.

In 2014, a survey conducted by Thomas J. Stephens and Associates Inc. among 69 ARTISTRY SUPREME LX Regenerating Cream users stated that:


  • • 76% of them found their skin looking younger;
  • • 69% noticed that their wrinkles were fading away;
  • • 81% felt a firmer skin.

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