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The Line of Sponsorship (LOS)/Contacts page of the Business Centre helps you manage your LOS. You can print, download, or email your LOS with new business or product information.

To get started, find Business Centre on the top navigation of your screen. Click on "LOS/Contacts".

Your “LOS/Contacts” landing page will then be displayed. Click on "View My LOS/Contacts". On the landing page, you can select what you’d like to see:

  • ABOs
  • Contact Lists - including downline ABO, and your immediate upline ABO.

These displays can be listed in your choice of Tree or List views. From here, you can view any name on the list for further action, including:

  • Export
  • Print mailing labels
  • Print list
  • Save as list

You can also run custom filters and have the list include additional data, such as PV, BV, or birthdays.

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Viewing ABO Profile Information

You can view profile information for each of your ABO and for those Customers who authorise you to see this information.

Go to Business Tools and view “LOS/Contacts” for a listing of the ABO in your organisation and those Customers who opted to have their information displayed.

ABO Profile Information

For each selected ABO, you'll see important information such as:

  • ABO Number, company name, and personal retail website address
  • Business status (Active or Inactive) and renewal information
  • Downline information, including number of legs, total number of ABOs and Customers, and more
  • Sponsor and Platinum ABO names
  • Profile information, including address, phone numbers, and email addresses

Mouse over these areas to see more details, such as business renewal date, or Sponsor and Platinum ABO contact information.

Click the “PV/BV” tab to select and view an ABO's estimated PV/BV and Bonus totals for a given month.

Click the “Orders” tab to see their complete order history.

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PV/BV Inquiry

The PV/BV function in “Business Tools” allow you to view your own PV/BV, as well as the PV/BV of your downline ABOs.

To do a PV/BV Inquiry, select the month from the drop-down menu. You can select a month in the past (up to 13 months, including the current month) or a month in the future (up to five months beyond the current months).

Begin entering an ABO name or number. A drop-down menu will show all relevant ABO names that most closely match what you type. Select the name you're looking for, and then select your choice of inquiry:

  • Summary
  • Summary & Personal Transaction
  • Summary & LOS Details
  • All of the Above

Click “View” to see the results of your PV/BV inquiry.

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Viewing Business Reports

You can view many different types of business reports by going to “Business Tools” and “View Business Reports”.

Select the report you want from the menu, including:

  • ITC Report
  • Platinum Activity Report
  • Platinum Progress Report
  • RM Reports (Key Performance Indicators, New ABO Activation Programme, Sales Performance Report, Retention Report)

For each report category applicable to your business, click “View My Report”. The selected report will show in a new window, which you can then Save or Print.

Some reports, such as Monthly Transactions and Invoice Sales Tax Detail, must be requested.

  • Click “Request Report” and follow the prompts for the specific report you need.
  • Your request will be processed within 24 hours.
  • Check “Viewing Business Reports” for the status of your report.
  • Once your report status reads Available, you can access it through “Viewing Business Reports”.
  • Your report will be available for two weeks.

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