Customer Support

Managing My Account

Updating Your Information

Updating your information on website is easy. Simply log in to access your account through My Account and make changes to your personal and business information. You can also view your most recent order information and shopping defaults.

  • Updating Your Business Information
    To update or delete your photo or biography, go to My Account and click Business Information, then click Edit or Delete.
  • Updating Your Security Information
    To update your Username, Security Image and Phrase, Security Questions and Answers or change your password, go to My Account and click Security Information.
  • Updating Your Name
    To change a name on your business, you must submit a Name Change form to ABO Records. The form must be signed by all partners on the business.
  • Updating Your Personal Information
    You can update your email address and phone number simply by going to My Account, clicking on Personal Information and then Edit.
  • Updating Your Preferences
    To update your preferred language and subscriptions, go to My Account and click Preferences.
  • Updating Your Mailing Addresses
    To update your mailing addresses, go to My Account and click Addresses.
  • Updating Your Bonus Payment Method
    To update your preferred bonus payment method, go to My Account and click Bonus Payment Method.

For further assistance, please contact us.

AMWAY Business Owner Provided Info

You can upload a photo and your biography through My Account. Many ABOs opt to share this information with their downlines and customers.

After logging in, click “Edit” to upload your photo. JPG, PNG, or GIF files can be uploaded. You can first “Browse” for photos, then “Upload”. Before uploading, you must first indicate your agreement with AMWAY that you are the sole owner of this photo and you want it uploaded to the site.

While you are in “Edit” mode, you can also write or modify your biography. Include pertinent business information, as well as any personal information you want to share. Again, before uploading, you must indicate your agreement with AMWAY that you want this information uploaded to the site.

After adding or changing your photo and/or biography, click “Save”.

For further assistance, please contact us.

Obtaining or Replacing ABOCard

After your registration has been processed, you should receive your ABO Card via post in about two weeks.

If you have not received your ABO Card after one month, or if the information on the card is incorrect, please Contact Us.

For further assistance, please contact us.