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Shipping & Delivery

Checking Availability Status

Most of the time, products are in stock and will ship immediately. Sometimes, there is a shipping delay or some products are unavailable. In those cases, delivery status will be indicated in the Shopping cart. Advance order items (A/O), Back order (B/O), or No longer available items (NLA) will appear as a stock status on the product pages.

This chart shows the notations you’ll see if an item you want is not in stock.

  • Backorder (B/O)
    Item is currently unavailable; will ship as soon as merchandise becomes available.
  • Temporarily Not Available (TNA)
    Item is currently unavailable; will ship as soon as merchandise becomes available.
  • No longer available (NLA)
    Item has been discontinued; stock may be available from your upline ABO. Suggested replacement, if any, is on the "Limited Availability and No Longer Available Products" page.

For further assistance, kindly contact us.

Delivery Options and Charges
  1. Through, you can place your orders at your convenience. is available to all Malaysian and Brunei ABOs.
  2. There will he a handling fee of RM10.00 for orders that are below the minimum ordering value except for special programme delivery. Refer to table below:

    Types of Orders Minimum Ordering Value delivery service RM300.00
    Non orders delivery service
    (telephone | fax | walk-in)

    *With effect from 1 June 2018, handling fees will be subjected to 0% GST.
  3. Online orders will be accepted up to 11.30pm.
  • Working Days
    Orders from Monday to Friday before 11.30pm – delivery will be between 24hrs and 72hrs from order date.
  • Month-End
    Due to the surge of orders during month-end – delivery will be between 2-4 working days from order date.

For further assistance, please contact us.

Backorder Information

Most of the time, products are in stock and will ship immediately when ordered. Occasionally, there may be an unanticipated high demand for a product or other delay that could cause an item to be temporarily out of stock. In these cases, the out-of-stock item will be backordered for shipment to you at a later date. Any other items on the same order will ship in the normal timeframe, if they are in stock.

Notification of Backorder

When an item is backordered, a status of Backorder (B/O) will appear in your online order history when you visit My Account > Order History & Returns and open the invoice. If you have ordered other products on the same invoice, the Backorder item and status will also appear on the packing list you receive with the other products.

If a product is known to be on Backorder at the time you place your order, that status will appear in red on the product page and in your online Shopping Cart.

Once your Backorder item is available for shipment, it will be sent to you at no additional charge. Please allow 3–8 business days for delivery once stock is available.

You will be charged for the back ordered item.

*Notification on back order availability will be sent through SMS. Please ensure the latest contact number is updated in our record. All back order item not collected after 180 days will be automatically purged from the system and PV/BV (if any) will be adjusted accordingly.