ABOship and Organisation

Can I submit the notification to continue my ABOship online?

Yes, you may submit the Intent to Continue cum AMAGRAM Subscription (ITCCAS) online via amway.my. To do so, please go to:

i. "My Business" at the Business Centre.
ii. Select "Online Submission of Intent to Continue cum AMAGRAM Subscription" and click on individual submission.
iii. Select mode of payment:
a) For Amway Malaysia
  - Credit Card (subject to the Credit Card being pre-registered in AMWAY)
  - FPX E-banking
  - Public Bank e-banking
  - Maybank2u e-banking
b) For Amway Brunei
  Baiduri Bank Credit Card (subject to the credit card being pre-registered in AMWAY)

Successful submission does not mean acceptance of the ITCCAS. Confirmation is pending receipt of payment and acceptance of ITCCAS.

You are advised to renew your ABOship one month before the expiry date to avoid disruption to your business.

Can a non-citizen or non-resident sign up as an AMWAY Business Owner (ABO) in Malaysia?

Before a non-citizen / non-resident signs up as an ABO, he/she must comply with the following procedures:

i. ​Obtain the necessary entry permit from the immigration authorities to enter Malaysia.
ii. ​​Obtain approval from the Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs in order to register with the Registrar of Businesses.
iii. Register with the Registrar of Businesses so as to be allowed to conduct the business in Malaysia.

Note: A certified copy of this registration must be sent to AMWAY.

Please note that AMWAY reserves the right to accept or reject the application.

How can I become an AMWAY Business Owner (ABO)?

To become an ABO, you will need to be sponsored by an authorised ABO and purchase the Business Kit. If you do not know of any existing ABOs, you may email us (mysales@amway.com) for a recommendation.

How can I get the Line of Sponsorship (LOS) details of my downlines

You may view the LOS at Business Centre and click on View My LOS/Contacts.

How do I do International sponsoring?

As International Sponsor, you need only to explain the basic AMWAY Sales & Marketing Plan to your prospects and advise him/her to contact the local AMWAY office in their home country for the assignment of Foster Sponsor. Upon your prospects' contact, the local AMWAY office will assign a Foster Sponsor living near your prospects' location to further explain the plan as applicable in that country. Alternatively, you may refer to your upline Emerald or Diamond for recommendation of Foster Sponsor in the respective countries.

Please ensure your following details are provided to your prospects to be filled up in the SA88 Application Form as the International Sponsor upon signing up:

i. Your name as per SA88 Application Form
ii. ​​Your ADA No.
iii. Your address

How do I purchase AMWAY products as a customer?

AMWAY products are sold by authorised ABOs. If you do not know of any existing ABOs, you may email us (mysales@amway.com) for a recommendation.