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Nutrilite Mixed Collagen Peptide Drink
Protect your skin and nourish your body on-the-go with the Nutrilite Mixed Collagen Peptide Drink. Consume the nutritious drink from its nifty sachet to give your skin a boost any time of the day.

Dual Peptide Combo (about 56%)

Contains marine collagen oligopeptide & soybean peptide extracted via bio-enzymatic technology. Collagen and peptide are known to support the growth of healthy skin, hair and nails apart from other benefits to your health.

Bio-Enzymatic Technology

Allows dual peptide combo to break down into smaller molecules for faster nutrient absorption.

Added Natural Chrysanthemum Extract (about 5%)

Known to have high antioxidant properties.


1-2 sticks per day. Empty one stick into 100-150ml warm water. Mix and drink.
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