The Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set features 11 individual product components, to be used over a period of 44 days for the complete care and recovery of new mothers after childbirth. Pregnancy is a very special time in every woman's life. Eating well and staying healthy are very important as they supply the nutritional needs of a developing baby. This set helps new mothers regain their energy and vitality while nursing their newborn during the confinement period.
The Herbal Tea in the Amway Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set can be consumed as a tonic to soothe new mothers to help cleanse the system. After Birth 1 helps to restore energy to a breastfeeding mother while promoting the production of breast milk while After Birth 2 helps a new mother restore her figure externally and internally as she continues with her breastfeeding journey.
The Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set for mothers also consists of several essentials for new mummies' external application: Cleansing Herbal Scrub Soap 100g: Made from a mixture of highly aromatic herbs and sweet orange essential oil, the Cleansing Herbal Scrub Soap helps to cleanse and refresh the body as well as gently scrub and smoothen the skin. Warming Ginger Massage Oil 75ml: The Warming Ginger Post Natal Massage Oil is a combination of selected all-natural oils along with ginger and lavender essential oils that aids in warming the skin, leaving it luxuriously smooth and supple. Comforting Baby Oil + Virgin Coconut Oil 75ml: The Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set consists of this 100% all-natural formulation containing virgin coconut oil, clove and peppermint that gently soothes skin when applied. The Comforting Baby Oil + Virgin Coconut Oil is specially designed for safety application on both newborns and infants, to help soothe and protect their skin.
Feminine Herbal Wash With Prebiotic & Manjakani 150ml: An advanced formulation which encompasses the prebiotic plus extracts of piper betle, pueraria mirifica, parameria barbata and quescus infectoria to cleanse and freshen the intimate areas. Multiflora Calming Spray 70ml: Made from an invigorating blend of high-quality rose and lavender floral water mixed with selected essential oils, the Multiflora Calming Spray help mummies to stay calm and cool. Soothing Nipple Balm 15g: An all-natural, safe and gentle formulation which helps to moisturise nipples and reduces the chance of them becoming dry or chapped. The Soothing Nipple Balm is also infused with basil and fennel oil, which also helps in relieving soreness. Firming Herbal Blend 20 sachets x 15g: The Firming Herbal Blend is a combination of selected herbs to help cleanse and firm-up the abdominal area post-delivery.
The Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set is a complete and convenient solution with everything catered for a new mother's needs. With all the products being pre-measured and ready-for-use, there is minimal preparation required. The herbs used within the products of the Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set has been traditionally time-tested and scientifically proven to be effective as standardised herbal extracts of active ingredients to ensure quality and consistency. With the use of vegetable capsules, the products in the Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set are also suitable for vegetarians, as well as for all races and religions. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives were added. The products within the Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set comes from a reputable herbal manufacturer with years of experience in the production of herbal-based products. The company has fulfiled the Biro Pengawalan Farmaseutikal Kebangsaan/Drug Control Authority (BPFK/DCA) criteria for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), so you can be sure to experience the best-in-quality products.


Using a power-packed combination of natural ingredients, Tropical Herbs and Bee Treasures aim to nourish and revitalise your body towards building a healthy lifestyle.