Nutrilite Botanical Beverage Mix Cherry with Licorice & Turmeric
Triple Booster for Better AIRways.
East meets West. Traditional meets Modern.

The immune system is the gatekeeper that keeps germs, viruses and harmful organisms from entering and harming your body. How do you safeguard your immunity? Ensuring that your body consumes ingredients that contain anti inflammatory functions and boost respiratory health3.

Available in convenient stick packs. A citrus orange-flavoured complementary booster packed with vitamin C (100mg) and herbal ingredients such as licorice (300mg) and turmeric (300mg). No artificial colourings, preservatives and flavourings.
Anti-Inflammatory Protection
Licorice contains glycyrrhizic acid widely used as a Chinese herbal remedy due to its anti inflamamtory properties that also strengthtens immunity and respiratory health. It is also used as flavouring in food and beverages.1

Turmeric is a spice well known in Indian and Malay cooking. It is also an herbal remedy as it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Turmeric contains curcumin which isn't easily absorbed by the body. However, using a microencapsulation technology, its absorption rate can be increased to maximise health benefits.2

Immunity Strength
Enriched with vitamin C from acerola cherries, the cherries are harvested when it is still green due to its high vitamin C content.4

Respiratory Health
Anti-inflammatory protection and a strong immune system can be achieved if there is optimal respiratory health too.3

Available in convenient stick packs. A citrus orange-flavoured complementary booster to your favourite drinks. Has no added sugar, artificial colouring or preservatives.

Consume 1-2 sachet per day. Dissolve contents of 1 stick pack in 100-150ml of lukewarm or cold water. Stir well and drink.
  • It is not suitable for infants below three years old and pregnant or lactating women.
  • This product contains traditional herbal ingredients which may not be suitable to those who are susceptible to these ingredients.
  • Please be warned that this product also contains licorice which contains glycyrrhizic acid. This product is not recommended for those with hypertension and hypokalemia.
  • As this product contains turmeric (naturally yellow in colour), be advised that the beverage may stain your clothing and other items.
  • The results could vary depending on individuals. Anyone with a medical condition or encounters any reaction after consumption, kindly seek professional/medical consultation. Consume with caution.
    Refrigerate or store in a cool, dry place below 30°C. Please consume immediately after opening each pack.
    This product is categorised under food and generally can be taken from age 3 and above.
    30 stick pack in 1 box
    150g (5g x 30 Stick Packs)
    Erythritol, Acerola Juice Concentrate, Licorice Powder, Turmeric Powder, Maltodextrin, Orange Flavour, Citric Acid, Stevia & Vitamin C.

    Contains acidity regulator as permitted food conditioner and permitted -flavouring substance.
    No artificial colourings, preservatives and flavourings

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