Vergold Drip Coffee
(Medium & Dark Roasted)
Looking for a coffee with intense flavour to get you going? This pack contains two delightful variants of drip coffee, which are medium roasted Kenya AA (10 sachets) and dark roasted Colombia (10 sachets).

Made with 100% ground coffee and no added creamer, sugar or flavouring, drip coffee allows you to savour pure coffee flavour at its finest. Take it easy with a medium roast that is well balanced with its natural sweetness and acidity, or go all the way with a dark roast that will instantly wake you up with its taste of dark roasted cocoa, strong body and deep Americano notes.
1. Hang the side tabs of the drip bag over the side of the cup.
2. Add 50ml of hot water (90°C). Wait 30 seconds. Slowly pour in another 120ml-150ml of hot water (break this up into 2-3 pours, pausing for a short moment each time).
3. Remove the drip bag and your coffee is ready to drink.
• 10 sachets x 11g (Medium Roasted)
• 10 sachets x 10.5g (Dark Roasted)
Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.
100% Ground coffee


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