Foundational Trio Plus
Nutrilite Soy Protein Drink
Provides the body’s building blocks – that help us grow and repair our cells. Available in 3 other flavours: Mixed Berries, Green Tea and Delicious Chocolate.

Nutrilite Salmon Omega Complex
provides omega 3 fatty acids that help maintain overall health. The omega 3 fatty acids are derived from salmon, sardines and anchovies.

Improved Formula Nutrilite DOUBLE X
Containing vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, Improved Formula Nutrilite DOUBLE X provides broad antioxidant and health benefits. Now with a special blend of turmeric, rosemary and onion that, when paired with other vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, neutralises excess free radicals reactively and proactively to maintain health.
Fuel up like a Pro
A macronutrient required for growth, maintenance and repair of tissue, protein helps us stay energised and maintain lean muscle even as we age. But because our bodies don’t store protein, we need to consume it daily.
Maintain health with Omega 3
Acting as a messenger within our body, Omega 3 is a fatty acid macronutrient that carries nutrients to all the cells in our bodies to keep it healthy and running at optimum levels.
Fill the Nutrition Gap
Don’t have the time to consume a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables? Fill the gaps in your daily nutritional needs with essential vitamins, minerals and plant concentrates from the 5 colours of the phytonutrient spectrum and neutrialise excessive free radicals.

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