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As we celebrate your wellness journey, we invest in ours – so you can discover the best health supplements and health solutions to support you through every stage of your life.


Why Nutrilite

Cultivating wellness together with Nutrilite.

Nature + Science = Nutrilite

We strive to provide nutrition and wellness solutions innovation through technology and botanical science — extracting the best from nature with plant-based phytonutrients.

Personalised Solutions

We’re here to help you with the nitty-gritty via Amway Loyalty Programme (ALP), so you can prioritise on the more important things in life!

From Seed To Supplement To You

Growing nature’s goodness you can trace. This is more than a commitment to traceability. It is proof of our promise to deliver to you a pure, safe and effective product that comes with peace of mind.

Discover your nutritional needs

Everyone’s wellness journey is unique and personal. And we want to ensure that you are getting what your body needs (and avoid the ones your body can’t handle)

Nutrition Product Recommender

It’s time to take charge and eliminate guesswork from your wellness journey. Get to know the right health supplement products for your health needs via a quick and easy assessment with the Nutrition Product Recommender!


Protein Calculator

Everyone’s body is built differently. How much protein is too little (or too much) for your body? Optimise your day by knowing exactly how much protein you need!


Your No-No List

Do you have any food allergies and/or dietary restrictions? Some of our products contain common allergens such as dairy, wheat, soybeans, honey, garlic, nuts, fish or shellfish. Get to know which products to avoid with this list.


We’re here to improve your wellbeing

From plants grown on our certified organic farms to our health and wellness scientists and visionaries, we harness the Earth’s most powerful nutrients to produce health supplements and products for you and your family to thrive.


Organic before it was even a trend

Organic is more than just a buzzword to us. Because here’s the deal: no other global vitamin brands can say they’re USDA-certified organic and grow ingredients on their own certified organic farms.

Let Nutrilite nurture you

You are what you eat! And we are here to be your health partner by filling in your nutritional gaps. Because staying healthy shouldn’t be a hassle.

Nutrilite Vitamins & Health Supplements

Everyday health and balanced nutrition range to help you optimise your health.

BodyKey by NutriliteTM

Reach your goals with weight management products and health supplements designed with your optimal nutrition in mind.

Nutrilite Kids

Designed with your little one’s nutrition in mind, this safe and tasty kid-friendly range is your child’s perfect growth companion.

Healthy Eating

From Plant To Table to you, good health starts with good food. Because it’s not just superfoods… it’s super good!

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