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ARTISTRY MEN Gentle Face Wash (115ml)

Specially developed for men’s skin, ARTISTRY Men Gentle Face Wash is an effective cleanser which removes traces of oil and dirt while maintaining your skin’s optimal moisture.

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ARTISTRY Men is designed to work on all skin types.

Third party clinical testing was done to support all safety and efficacy claims.

Usage rates depend on average use amounts. Expected use-up rate for ARTISTRY Men products is approximately six to eight weeks.

There are no NUTRILITE-approved ingredients in ARTISTRY Men.

While ARTISTRY Men products were not directly targeted for those with sensitive skin, there was no evidence of allergic response or extreme skin irritation in clinical studies.

A sealed package has a shelf life of three years. Once the product is opened, it should be used within 12 months.

Yes, all products are unique formulas that were specifically designed for men’s skin. In general, the formulas are lighter and absorb more quickly. The facial cleanser provides a cleaner feel than most other ARTISTRY cleansers.

Ingrown hairs are caused when a hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin. Shaving (and waxing) is the leading cause, because the hair edge is cut off unevenly, often level with the surface of the skin, where it can be forced underneath the surface of the skin. Prevention starts with avoiding too close a shave; this includes properly hydrating the beard hair, lubricating the surface of the skin and shaving with the direction of the hair growth. Skin prone to ingrown hairs should be exfoliated regularly, which can help free any trapped hairs; ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel is a good choice.

Blackheads and visible pores are symptoms of excess oil production. Exfoliation can help clear clogged pores and reduce build-up that can appear as blackheads. ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKINCARE Advanced Skin Refinisher will help refine the surface of the skin and also help to reduce the appearance of pores instantly and over time.

Men’s skin is biologically different from women’s. Higher testosterone levels and the stress of daily shaving leave skin more vulnerable to problems. Due to the presence of Testosterone, men produce higher levels of sebum, where oily, shiny skin is a major concern. On average, men can produce four times as much sebum as women. The higher pH face wash allows for a more thorough cleaning of the skin to remove excess oil and dirt.

The Gentle Face Wash contains DermaSync Complex in addition to moisturisers to hydrate the skin during cleansing. Additionally, the formula contains a patented complex of Aloe and Shiso which minimises skin irritation of the cleansing agents. Since the Gentle Face Wash is a rinse off product, the effect of the pH is minimal.

Skin irritation is the end result of a process called inflammation. Inflammation is the skin's reaction to exposure to ingredients that could be harmful. Surfactants are ingredients that cleanse the skin and are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. In the cleansing process, they dissolve and emulsify dirt and oils washing them away. Skin cells react to surfactants with low levels of the inflammatory response which can lead to skin irritation. One way of reducing this reaction is to use products that cleanse the skin but are mild enough to minimise this response.

This is exactly what the addition of the patented Shiso-Aloe complex does. The skin's first response in the inflammatory cascade is the secretion of a signaling molecule; Interleukin 1a. The IL-1a molecule signals the cells that their skin surface has been exposed to an irritating substance. The addition of the complex lowers the skin cells' IL-1a response to the irritant.

In laboratory testing, the Shiso and Aloe Complex has been shown to reduce IL-1a response. The addition of the complex to the ARTISTRY Men Gentle Face Wash makes this product less irritating and gentle to the skin.

To address the unique needs of men’s skin, ARTISTRY scientists developed a new advancement in cleanser technology which provides men the best in lather, mildness and skin after-feel. This technology maintains skin’s vital moisture (clinical data show no reduction in moisturisation level of the skin after use) while proving abundant foaming and leaving the skin clean, refreshed and conditioned.

The cleanser contains a Patented Technology, based on the synergistic effect of Shiso & Aloe Extracts, which make the cleanser mild to the skin. The addition of this patented complex reduces any concerns of irritation from the Face Wash.

ARTISTRY Men is a complete skin care regimen. The system delivers a range of benefits and each product has a necessary and unique function in the system. Following use of the Gentle Face Wash and Smooth Shave Foam, application of the Balancing Hydrator, which has a pH near that of the skin, quickly helps to balance the skin to its normal pH which enables the skin to restore its essential lipid barrier to keep it well moisturised.

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