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Our BodyKey Gut Reset Weight Management Programme is here to guide you through a sustainable weight-loss journey that starts with your gut.

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Health Screening Pass: Your First Ticket to Wellness

Being overweight or having a high BMI (>30) poses a risk factor for diseases like diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol. However, almost half of those who suffer from these diseases are not aware of their condition. Gain awareness of your current condition and take control of your well-being with the PWP Health Screening Passes(HSP).

  • 65 Tests

    Includes Full Blood Picture, Virtual Doctor Consultation and so much more.

    Click here for the full list of included tests.

  • Big Savings

    Enjoy great savings when you PWP the Health Screening Passes with BodyKey Bundles.

  • Innoquest Pathology

    Innoquest Pathology (formerly Gribbles Pathology) is Malaysia's largest private laboratory with multiple accreditations and certificates.

    Click here for the branch list.

  • Hive by Biomark

    Biomark is the sister company of Innoquest, providing access to health screening reports conveniently through its app.

Helpful Tools & Information:

  • HSP Web Navigation Journey

    Learn how to find and download your Health Screening Pass.

  • HSP Terms & Conditions

    Find the terms & conditions here.


    Got questions about the HSP? Find the answers here.

  • Innoquest Lab Branch List

    Find an Innoquest Lab near you.

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Find out how the Bodykey Health Journey bundle meticulously resets and rejuvenates your gut health, providing remarkable results.

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