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Nutrilite Bio C Plus All Day Formula provides 500 mg of vitamin C in the form of an extended release tablet that provides all day immune support in a convenient single tablet.

It provides a one-tablet convenience that delivers a slow, steady release of vitamin C, a nutrient that is not produced or stored in the human body and therefore needs daily replenishment. It is more effective in supporting overall health because of improved utilisation of vitamin C in the body. It also allows us to drive recognition of our commitment to naturally sourced ingredients in our products because of our use of acerola cherries - grown on our certified organic farms - in combination with natural antioxidants sourced from lemons, oranges, and grapefruit.

Busy, active adults who take vitamin C but want a more effective way to keep their body's natural defenses strong. Smokers, individuals who lead a stressful lifestyle, and those who are concerned with maintaining healthy skin.

Bio C Plus All Day Formula is a convenient way to supplement a healthy diet with vitamin C, acerola and citrus bioflavonoids to ensure adequate intake of these important nutrients. Scientific research has shown that vitamin C possesses antioxidant activity and plays an important role in maintaining healthy tissues and in supporting immune system function. Bioflavonoids also function as antioxidants, complementing the activity of vitamin C.

Physiological modelling of the release profile in the human intestine combined with absorption experiments demonstrate that Bio C Plus All Day Formula is released at a slower and more steady pace in the gut and is predicted to be absorbed at an efficient rate of 73% of the given dose. This means that of a 500 mg dose only 134 mg would be wasted and excreted from the intestinal system. In contrast to extended release, an instant release tablet containing vitamin C at 1,000 mg was only 43.5% bioavailable, meaning 569.5 mg of the dose would be wasted and excreted from the intestinal system.

The release profile and absorption rate of Bio C Plus All Day Formula indicate a lower plasma level of vitamin C and thus, this formulation limits overloading the renal threshold, allowing vitamin C to be used by body tissues and stores rather than being excreted through the urine. When blood levels of vitamin C are below the kidney's threshold, sodium-dependent vitamin C transporters reabsorb the vitamin. While the vitamin C concentration remains low in the blood, the transporters pump the vitamin back into the blood stream, thus limiting its loss by renal clearance.

When blood vitamin C concentrations exceed the renal threshold, the body excretes vitamin C rapidly. The extended release tablet's release profile avoids overcoming the renal threshold so little is wasted. Having lower but steady amount of vitamin C remaining in the blood stream for a longer period of time allows for its more effective utilisation within the body.

Bio C Plus All Day Formula is a daily use dietary supplement that helps to replenish essential vitamin C that keeps the body's defenses strong. Vitamin C also helps promote healthy bones, teeth, gums and is a general make-up of the body.

It can be taken as a complement to DOUBLE X or Daily Multivitamin/ Multimineral to enhance total vitamin C intake. It can be also be taken with Multi Carotene and Lecithin-E to boost antioxidant intake. It can be part of the immunity regimen with Triple Guard Echinacea. As a part of skin health and to boost collagen production, it can be taken with the Protein Powder.

  • All day support. Slow, steady release improves utilisation and avoids the waste associated with large doses.
  • Gentle on the stomach. Slow, steady release throughout the day means no stomach or digestive upset.
  • Plant-based nutrients, has a foundation of natural vitamin C from acerola cherries in combination with natural antioxidants from citrus bioflavonoids from lemons, oranges and grapefruits.
  • Extended release technology.
  • Better absorption, less wastage.
  • 500 mg in a single slim tablet.

Take 1 tablet a day, with or without a meal.

It will be excreted.

The tablet is designed to completely release all the vitamin C within 8 hours.

The tablet can be taken at any time of day, with or without a meal.

This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Children under 12 years of age, pregnant or nursing women, or anyone with a medical condition should consult with a physician before using this product.

No. The Upper Limit for Supplements for vitamin C, according to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, is 2,000 mg/day (based on intake of 1,000 mg per single time dose).

Yes, it is both Kosher and Halal certified.

Yes, it can be used in combination with other Nutrilite products. This allows the user the flexibility to tailor their supplement regimen to meet lifestyle and nutritional needs. Care, however, should be taken when combining supplements so that no safety limit is exceeded.

Like many nutrients, Bio C Plus All Day Formula may be adversely affected by humid conditions and exposure to heat, light and oxygen. For best quality, this product should be stored in a cool, dry location in the original, closed container.

Yes, but it is not recommended. Chewing the tablet or cutting the tablet will negate benefits of the extended release feature because the vitamin C would be released more quickly than with a whole tablet. In addition, it was not formulated as a chewable tablet and the taste may be unpleasant.

The majority of acerola cherry used comes from Nutrilite-owned, certified organic farms. The remainder comes from farms that, while not owned by Nutrilite, are certified by Nutrilite through the NUTRICERT programme as organically grown.

This product is recommended for children 12 years and above, and also adults.

1. All ingredients are mixed together with a fibrous ingredient and compressed to form a tablet.
2. After swallowing, the tablet becomes wet in the stomach and the fibrous ingredient expands to form a network.
3. The wet tablet gradually releases key ingredients by controlled diffusion through the network as it passes the length of the small intestine.
4. The nutrient release rate from the tablet is slow and steady with the wet tablet gradually decreasing in size until it is completely dissolved.

In one tablet, 30 mg of natural vitamin C is contributed by 120 mg of acerola powder.

The foundation for the new Bio C Plus All Day Formula starts with natural vitamin C from acerola cherries in combination with natural antioxidants from citrus bioflavonoids of lemons, oranges and grapefruits. The plant ingredients used are dried from whole foods. 120 mg of acerola powder contributes 30 mg natural vitamin C per tablet equating to 50% RDI (USA) — a significant contribution to daily intake. Ascorbic acid, a highly processed ingredient, is also used in the formula.

No. In addition to using plant ingredients, Bio C Plus All Day Formula contains vitamin C from ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is a highly processed ingredient made from glucose using a 2-step fermentation process.

Nutrilite Chewable Natural C tablets contain relatively small doses of vitamin C — 30 mg vitamin C per tab. Small doses of vitamin C are utilised very efficiently by the body. Since there is little waste, an extended release feature is not necessary. In addition, these chewable tablets are often used by children under 12 years of age. A chewable tablet form negates the value an extended release feature would offer.

The new formula contains a newer, more concentrated acerola powder. The same amount of natural vitamin C is delivered as in the original formula (30 mg per tablet), but we use a smaller, more concentrated amount of acerola powder (120 mg). This helps keep the tablet small, streamlined and easy to swallow.

No. We are not selectively removing phytonutrients. The biggest contributor to higher vitamin C potency in the new acerola concentrate is better control of the incoming fresh fruit. Significant improvements were made at the front end of our process — early harvest, selection, improved varieties and colour-sorting for fruit that is highest in vitamin C. We also use a gentle concentration process, the majority of which is now done by reverse osmosis (RO). RO removes only water (not phytonutrients) and it does this efficiently and without heat to minimise loss to vitamin C.

No, it does not contain gluten, lactose, fructose, artificial flavours, artificial colours, preservatives or any artificial sweeteners.

People who travel regularly are touching surfaces touched by hundreds if not thousands of others every day. They are also potentially exposing themselves to bacteria and germs in different countries and environments that their body's immune system may never have experienced. Not to mention that crossing time zones forces individual body clocks to readjust and deal with increased fatigue, further taxing the immune system.

It's crucial to keep the body's defenses on guard when travelling. Vitamin C provides key support to your white blood cells. Citrus fruits and vegetables like broccoli, kale, bell pepper and cauliflower are sources of vitamin C that you can get from your diet. But you need to eat enough every day to give your body what it needs.

Supplementing with Bio C Plus All Day Formula gives your body the travel support it needs. It maximises total utilisation of the nutrient because it is released over an 8-hour period. So, it is more effective in supporting overall health because of improved utilisation of vitamin C in the body.

Many scientific studies have been conducted regarding vitamin C consumption in athletes, and there is general consensus that vitamin C is an essential nutrient for them.

Endurance and ultra-endurance athletes may require even higher levels of vitamin C due to the longer duration and intensity of their exercise, so they may use larger doses. The problem is that if they choose to mega dose with instant release vitamin C tablets, the majority of the nutrient is flushed from the body. The extended release technology found in Bio C Plus All Day Formula maximises total utilisation of the nutrient because it is released over an 8-hour period. Therefore, it is more effective in supporting overall health because of improved utilisation of vitamin C in the body.

All Nutrilite products, which are classified as health supplements and sold in Malaysia, are registered with the Drug Control Authority and Malaysia Ministry of Health (MOH), and carry the MOH approval number on their labeling (for example, MAL12345678).

Please be assured that AMWAY is committed to meeting the regulatory requirements and respecting the religious issues of all the countries in which we market products, particularly the unique requirements of the Muslim community.

We give you our assurance that the products currently available through AMWAY (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd do not contain ingredients originating from non-Halal sources or its derivatives.

We are very pleased to advise that products with the Nutrilite brand name in the Nutrition & Wellness range sold by AMWAY (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd are certified Halal by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA). AMWAY's contract manufacturer for Nutrilite softgel products, RP Scherer, also has Halal certifications from IFANCA.

Additionally, the beef gelatin used in our softgel products are also certified Halal.

Yes, they can.

Nutrilite products are the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified organic farms. This claim is certified based on a survey by Euromonitor International. The organic farming technique is certified by independent bodies as shown below:

Brazil Farm
Certification by IBD (Instituto Biodinamico), Brazil
Certified organic and complies to IBD standards equivalent to ECC2092/91 and IFOAM standards.

El-Petacal Farm, Mexico
Certification by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO), Class O (Organically Grown).

Trout Lake, Washington
Certification by Washington State Department of Agriculture - in accordance with Title 7CFR Part 205 National Organic Program.

Constipation could occur due to the lack of fibre or insufficient water intake. It is important to eat at least four to five servings of fruits and vegetables daily to ensure a sufficient intake of fibre. You could also consider taking Nutrilite Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables or Nutri Fibre Blend, which contains both soluble and insoluble fibre to supplement your diet.​

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