You Are In Business For Yourself,
But Not By Yourself

Amway empowers every ABO to grow, as a person and as a business. From a strong mentorship network, to training courses and flexible digital tools, you will always have the right support to learn, improve and advance.

Our wish is for every ABO to reach their full potential, together with Amway.

Benefits of Becoming an ABO

Low-risk, Low-cost Start-up Business

Start an Amway business with only RM60/B$30. Start earning side income from your very first sale of Amway products. With time and effort, your Amway business can potentially grow into an international business.

A Business for Generations

Your Amway business can provide for your family, beyond this generation. When you’ve built a substantial Amway business, your heirs can inherit the business and its income from you. Becoming an ABO is not just a plan for today, it’s a plan for the future of your family.

Unlimited Income and Rewards Potential

We have over 450 quality products and a Growth Incentive Programme to help you grow your business. By selling products, building sustainable business teams and achieving growth incentive goals, there is potential for you to earn unlimited income.

Amway Satisfaction Guarantee with AMWAYPROMISE

Amway offers a guaranteed refund on the initial startup cost and a 90-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee* on all Amway products. For those starting out, Amway is a low-risk business with high potential opportunity.

Easy Onboarding for New ABOs

It only takes a few clicks to become an ABO! Once you’re there, we have experienced mentors and flexible digital tools to help you get all the information you need to start selling and earning!

Amway Makes it 10x Easier for New ABOs to Start Earning

With a low-risk entry cost, you can start earning from your very first sale with guidance from your uplines, professional training and Amway’s digital resources.

On-demand and Flexible Digital Tools

As an ABO, you’ll always have access to Amway’s digital tools. We provide business tools, eLearning and campaign updates to help you run your business, anywhere and at any time!

A Strong Mentorship, Training and Support Network

An ABO never works alone. You’ll be supported by your sponsors and business teams, who’ll work together to help you reach your full potential. The Amway community will always have your back and be there for you.

Be the Founder of Your Future

Start a business and build the life you want with the resources and support from Amway. Anyone from any background can achieve financial freedom and own a successful business.

Opportunity for Sustainable Busines Growth and Success

Becoming an ABO is only the start of a bigger plan. With all the available tools and support and with Amway’s presence in over 100 countries, you have the opportunity to scale-up and build an international business for long term success. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the unlimited potential of an Amway business!

How do ABOs Earn Income and Rewards?


Start Your Amway Business Now!

If you are above 18 years old and a citizen/PR of Malaysia/Brunei, you’re eligible to start your own Amway business.