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Together we are united. That is why our products are not only made for high-performing individuals, they’re innovated to be inclusive.
Everyone deserves the right to live better, healthier lives.

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XS products are designed to be consumed throughout the day, delivering exceptional results.
With XS, you’re equipped to go to where you aspire to be. We’ve got your back – from preparation through recovery.

Energy Drinks

XS Energy Drinks

A blast of energy. None of the sugar! Here’s to more positive energy to fuel more adventures. Cheers!


Sports Nutrition

XS IGNITE Blood Orange Fruit Drink Base With Isomaltulose & L-Glutamine

Experience a rush of energy for your workout and achieve your ideal shape. Because who said toned bodies are unattainable?

Sports Nutrition

XS Wildberry Flavoured Drink Premix

News flash: It’s never too late to start building lean muscles. Step up your lean muscles building journey! And let your muscles recover, the right way.

Pioneering The Industry since 2002

When XS was founded in 2002 in the US, our intention was crystal clear: XS is about experience. It’s a lifestyle. And we’ve done exactly that... and more.

Since then, XS has disrupted the industry. It has never been our intention to conquer the world, but to add value to it in ways that generate lives we all want to live.

We remain an energetic brand that supports the spirit of challenge and adventure that goes beyond limits to realise dreams, reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit of Amway’s founders, always seeking to combine adventure and opportunity.

Revolutionising The Way We Live

As an industry leader, our constant curiosity has led us to deliver multiple on-trend products across 60+ markets – with Malaysia and Brunei joining in on the adventure since September 2018.

And the exciting journey continues.

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