Exporting/Importing of Products

The Amway Rules of Conduct are established to uphold essential standards of behaviour to support and preserve the benefits of the Amway Sales & Marketing Plan equitably for all ABOs.

1. Why is exporting/importing or selling of Amway products from Malaysia to any other country or vice versa prohibited?
The prohibition is essential for the following reasons:
a) To provide a fair business opportunity for all Amway ABOs and to uphold fair trade in the business.
b) To protect the Amway business and reputation.
c) Such action could result in product display in retail outlets, the violation of Section 4.3, which could carry serious consequences for the ABO who violates this rule.
d) Restriction by regulations on packaging, labelling, ingredient content and formulation.
e) Customs and excise duties and other related laws.
f) Product liability.
g) Tradename and trademark protection.
h) The requirement for product registration to legally retail the product in the country.
i) Literature content or language requirements.
2. Can I ship, supply or retail Amway products purchased in Malaysia to Brunei and Singapore in view that they are operated as a single Line of Sponsorship?
Retailing Amway products in such countries, whether directly or indirectly, constitutes cross border activities which is strictly prohibited, and is in violation of the Amway Rules of Conduct. Therefore, all Amway ABOs can only order and supply/retail the products in their own countries of operation.
3. What should I do if my customers want to buy certain products in bulk?
You are advised to be vigilant in knowing your customers as well as your downlines’ retailing activities as such non compliance may implicate and impact you.
4. Where can I learn more about this rule?
Kindly refer to Section 4.3 and Section 4.16 of the Amway Rules of Conduct in the Amway Business Manual, page 33 and 34. We seek your cooperation to report any such incidences via e-mail to MyHelpDesk@amway.com, and to provide the Company with the evidence of such misconduct.

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