Intellectual Property Rights - IP

This policy is published by Amway Malaysia Sdn Bhd and the license is under Copyright 2001 Amway.

Amway owns and manages Amway’s intellectual property rights and other associated intellectual property, which include but not limited to, NUTRILITE, eSpring, ATMOSPHERE, ARTISTRY, SATINIQUE, BODY SERIES, GLISTER, COLOUR CREATION, ALLANO, SUDZY, TROPICAL HERBS, BEE TREASURES, DISH DROPS, iCOOK, and QUEEN.

1. Summary
ABOs may share/retweet/repost links from Amway Malaysia website and Amway official social media accounts in closed/private network for current customers and ABOs in the same LOS only.
ABOs may not modify the content of product or claims by Amway for any use, either for sharing or commercial purpose.
ABOs may use Amway’s Copyright, Trade name, Trademark in accordance with Trade Mark Law and Amway Business Conduct & Rules.
ABOs are not allowed to use any of Trademark in domain name or URL or account name in social media.
2. Changes
Company may make changes to this Section from time to time. Please keep abreast with the update to ensure you are in compliance with our Policy.
3. Intellectual Property Infringement
Amway respects the intellectual property of others and we ask our ABOs to do the same, in accordance with the Trade Mark Law and Amway Business Conduct & Rules.

Key Points to ABO’s Use of Third Parties’ Intellectual Property

  • ABOs should not use Amway’s or Amway affiliate’s trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property without prior written authorization from Amway.
  • ABOs should understand the importance of proper clearance and use of third party intellectual property.
  • ABOs should comply with Amway’s Rules of Conduct relating to use of third party intellectual property, as part of compliance with all local laws and regulations.
  • ABOs should not record (audio or video) Amway meetings or functions without prior written authorization from Amway.
  • Without appropriate licenses, ABOs should not use the trademarks, copyright, or other intellectual property of third parties in connection with their Amway business.
  • Without appropriate licenses, videos should not be uploaded to the internet or distributed by e-mail.

If you believe that Amway’s intellectual property has been infringed, please write in to us to with subject title, “Intellectual Property Infringement [Your ABOship Number]”. Please provide in the email, information of the infringement such as the link to the infringement, contact detail of the infringer, and the photo of the infringement so Amway may follow up on the matter.