Principles & Etiquette Of Using Social Media

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust. That has always been the case, and we believe that social media is so exciting for the direct selling industry – and for you – because of its power to help others get to know, like, and trust AMWAY and its ABOs.

Social media can benefit you and your AMWAY business in a number of ways, including:

  • - reconnecting with friends, colleagues, and customers
  • - making existing relationships stronger
  • - providing timely product information and customer support
  • - inspiring people to learn more about the business opportunity

AMWAY is committed to using social media to increase brand awareness, favourability, purchase intent and loyalty, and to drive customers and prospective ABOs to the business. We ask you to make a commitment also – to use social media in a way that is relevant, responsible, and honest. To help you do that, we have come up with a list of guiding principles and etiquette:

- Keep it Simple and Positive
People like to do business with positive people. Share good news and make an effort to bring a smile to people every day. Always be sure to avoid arguments and other negative conversations. You’re more likely to achieve positive results from your social media efforts when you keep it positive.
- Find a Good Mix

People don’t appreciate being bombarded with “join my business” and “buy from me” posts, nor do they like an overabundance of messages describing the intimate details of your personal life. Maintain a balance between business and personal in your messaging efforts.

- Social Media Doesn’t Replace the Real You
Don’t forget to meet people in real life too! Don’t let social media replace face-to-face relationship building. The importance of personal meetings and phone calls – live, one-on-one interactions – are invaluable.
- Avoid Spam
Not only is it in poor taste to provide a link to your personal retail website on a public discussion board, forum, or other public places on the Internet, but it could put you at odds with the AMWAY Rules of Conduct regarding soliciting and advertising. It could also be a violation of the website terms and conditions.
- Be Honest
Be truthful and accurate at all times. What is said online generally stays there and can spread quickly and widely through links or copying. Misleading others or making false claims jeopardises your – and AMWAY’s – reputation. If you plan to talk about your business, be open about the fact that it is an AMWAY business.
- Be Relevant and Credible
If you want to become a trusted source of information on a topic to help build your business, combine your personal comments and stories with meaningful advice, tips, or articles that others would care about. Be sure to offer simple, sound, and accurate advice that helps you establish your credibility and earn your readers’ trust.
- Be Respectful
Always remember that others online are free to speak the truth as they have experienced it. The best way to change a person’s perception is through actions, not words. Show them that AMWAY ABOs are their friends,neighbours, and community members by acting as such.
- Abide by the AMWAY Rules of Conduct
The Rules of Conduct are designed to help you represent your business, and AMWAY, in the best possible light. Be sure you are aware of, and adhere to, the Rules of Conduct in order to get the most benefit from your online marketing efforts.

Adhering to the following will help assure you’re in compliance with the Rules:
Brand Images and Logos
Using AMWAY’s logos or product images in your social media presence is not allowed without authorisation from the company.
Naming Your Page: Use of Trademarks and Trade Names
AMWAY will not allow the use of its trademarks or trade names as profile names or page names. Use your own name, as people are more likely to remember your name than one you’ve created.
Soliciting for Customers or ABOs

Soliciting is allowed only in a closed environment (i.e. only your friends or followers can see your posts) and is not permitted in open or public forums.

Privacy Settings
Many social media sites allow you to manage your privacy settings to control who can see your photos, profile and updates, and who can follow you. AMWAY recommends that you manage your privacy settings so only your friends, family, and colleagues can view your updates. When participating in open forums where privacy settings are not available or utilised, following the Rules of Conduct will help protect AMWAY’s reputation and yours.
Business and Product Claims
Business and product claims must be accurate and substantiated. It is recommended that only business and product information authored by AMWAY be utilised. Stick with the facts that you CAN say, rather than going beyond the rules, which can compromise both your business and AMWAY as a company.
Any videos produced by people or entities other than AMWAY must be reviewed and authorised by AMWAY prior to being used for your AMWAY business in a social media environment.
- Prospecting for Customers
It’s important to offer AMWAY products in the right way. You should never offer products as a general status update – prospecting for customers must be done in a closed environment to ensure compliance with AMWAY’s advertising rules. If someone on a social media site asks how to buy a product, send him a direct message so you can follow up effectively.
- Prospecting for ABOs
The AMWAY Business Opportunity can make a difference in people’s lives. But when you share online, it’s important to do so the right way to avoid alienating your contacts. Here are some tips to keep in mind when prospecting online:
1. When talking about the business opportunity in general online, look for ways to share without hard selling. Remember, misrepresentations of income and rewards are not allowed. Avoid posts like “Need extra money? You can earn RM5000 a week or more with AMWAY. Let me show you a system that works!”
2. It’s important to remember that this is “social” media, and people will not appreciate being bombarded with “join the business” posts as your status updates.
3. If you choose to solicit the business opportunity, this must be done in a closed environment – meaning the only ones that can see your posts are your friends or followers.
4. If someone asks about your business on a social network, and everyone can see the context in which you make your comment, you can respond to questions about your business if you are in a closed environment.
5. Some sites do not always allow people to see the full context of a conversation. In this case, you’re often better off sending the person that has asked about your business a direct message or email that only that person can see. (This helps protect you from being considered a “spammer” by those who don’t understand the context of your post.)

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