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At-home smart oxygenation breakthrough product that helps boost the delivery of your favourite ARTISTRY skin care concentrate by up to 4 times*! Revitalises skin by helping to neutralise pollutants above skin’s surface and enhances skin’s ability to retain and effectively use oxygen to allow skin to breathe. Its benefits mimic those offered by an in-office, professionally administered Oxygenating Facial—in fact, Boosting Infusion was inspired by these treatments.*
*In-vitro testing

**Results not equivalent to surgical/cosmetic procedures

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While the Boosting Infusion doesn't work in exactly the same way as an Oxygenating Facial, it has many of the same benefits. In addition, it boosts the skin's ability to retain and effectively use oxygen, significantly boosting the delivery* and efficacy of your ARTISTRY daily concentrate** and giving your skin a fresher, healthier, more rejuvenated appearance.***
*In-vitro test
**Based on moisturisation
***Results not equivalent to surgical/cosmetic procedure

ARTISTRY toners and softening lotions are designed to complete the cleansing process and deliver the first surge of moisture to skin. Softening lotions typically have a very light, watery texture.

The Boosting Infusion is part of the Infuse step, with significant skin care benefits in addition to its boosting power. Like other pre-concentrates (sometimes called “treatment lotions”), its fluid texture has a watery yet cushioning feel.

Yes. We use two exclusive ingredients in the Boosting Infusion:

NUTRILITE-approved Acerola Cherry Ferment.
The Acerola Cherries are grown on our own organic farms, then specially fermented to produce their activity. They boost skin’s own natural renewal cycle so fresh, healthy skin cells are more quickly brought to the surface and can more easily receive skin care treatments that follow.

Exclusive ARTISTRY Aura of Protection.
Helps provide antioxidant and anti-pollution protection above skin’s surface by helping to prevent free radicals from reaching the skin.

Clinical, consumer and in-vitro testing was performed to support safety and efficacy claims for the Boosting Infusion. Studies were performed to ensure the formula is well tolerated, efficacious and satisfies consumer expectations.

This formula contains a small percentage of acetyl glucosamine derived from crustacean shells. It contains no other animal-derived ingredients.

No, the Boosting Infusion was not tested on animals.

No wheat or barley derived ingredients have been included in the Boosting Infusion, however it does contain an oat derivative so we would not characterise this product as gluten-free.

The shelf life of the unopened product is 3 years. Once the product is opened, it has a 12-month shelf life.

The Boosting Infusion should be stored in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

The Boosting Infusion is tested to be compatible and effective with the daily concentrates from these collections:

For information on using the Boosting Infusion with other ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKINCARE formulas, see the following two questions.

Use of the Boosting Infusion combined with other ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKINCARE products has not been clinically evaluated. It is recommended that you personalise your complete skin care routine based upon your own perceived skin sensitivity. It is always a good practice to only introduce one new product at a time and to wait at least one week before introducing an additional new product.

If you or your customer are already comfortably using the Renewing Peel, you can recommend adding the Boosting Infusion as follows:

  • First, cleanse your face using any of the ARTISTRY cleansers. Pat dry.
  • Follow by using the Renewing Peel. Ensure that you thoroughly rinse your skin after the treatment, then pat dry and follow with an ARTISTRY toner/softening lotion.
  • Apply the Boosting Infusion
If redness develops or any sensations become severe, stop using these two products in combination. We do not recommend use of the Boosting Infusion before Renewing Peel.

The Liquid Crystal Technology used in the Boosting Infusion helps form a continuous “network” helping the beneficial ingredients from subsequent daily concentrates penetrate deeper into the skin’s surface more effectively. Applying toner/softening lotion after the Boosting Infusion may disrupt the continuity of the “second skin”, thus lessening the boosting and penetration effect.

Yes, the Boosting Infusion was designed to be added to your existing ARTISTRY regimen. Use it before your daily concentrate from these collections:


The Boosting Infusion has been thoroughly tested on groups of individuals with sensitive skin. In this testing, there was no evidence of allergic response or extreme irritation. However, we recognise that no testing program can guarantee that all individuals who wish to use this product will not react.

Tingling sensations, stinging or redness were not reported during our safety studies. If you experience any uncomfortable sensations, we recommend that you discontinue use.

Generally, we do not recommend that any cosmetic product be used after a sunburn or after any cosmetic treatment that causes extreme inflammation. The Boosting Infusion and any other products should only be used after inflammation has subsided. For use after chemical peel or laser treatment, a customer should consult her physician.

Ingredients in the Boosting Infusion have been shown to be safe for use by all women. Safety studies of cosmetics are not conducted on pregnant women.    Whether to use or not use this product should be discussed by the woman and her doctor.

A natural repair mechanism is a process by which the skin restores itself after injury, chemical or environmental insult, or bacterial infection. As we age, these natural repair mechanisms slow down and are often not able to restore the skin to its original condition. The skin’s natural repair mechanisms that are improved by the Boosting Infusion include barrier repair and skin cell turnover.

Air pollutants can harm the skin by depleting its oxygen levels. Free radical oxidants can be specific types of pollution, while other dangerous free radicals are attached to particulate pollutants like PM2.5. These free radicals can damage lipids and skin proteins, reduce the ability of skin cells to function properly and limit the efficacy of even the most advanced skincare products. As we age, this damage becomes more visible as the skin becomes thinner and less elastic, and discoloration, sagging, fine lines, and deep wrinkles begin to appear.

Liquid Crystal Technology is a unique multi-lamellar liquid crystal network that functions like a “special network”, helping to facilitate treatment ingredients deep within skin’s surface layers. So it acts like an enhanced delivery system.

The Smart Oxygenating Complex is a mixture of ingredients that include NUTRILITE-approved Acerola Cherry Ferment, Yeast Ferment, Bifida Ferment, and our exclusive “Aura of Protection” that helps remove impurities, neutralize pollutants including PM2.5, and bring fresh healthy skin cells more quickly to the surface.

Skin cells utilise oxygen to help promote proper natural repair mechanisms. Yeast Ferment helps boost skin’s ability to retain and effectively use oxygen, allowing the skin to breathe.

Bifida Ferment helps boost protection within the skin’s surface from environmental damage, while exclusive “Aura of Protection” helps protect skin from external pollutants above skin’s surface, keeping pollutants from reaching the skin.

You'll note that three ingredients in the Boosting Infusion are “ferments”. That means they have been put through a carefully controlled fermenting process, which can concentrate and intensify their effect. In addition, ferments are typically more bio-available—that is, they can be more readily absorbed into skin to deliver enhanced benefits.

Exhaust from solid fuels used in cooking or heating, poor ventilation, air conditioning/filtration systems, and passive cigarette smoke all contribute to increased levels of indoor air pollution. The Boosting Infusion contains key technologies that help prevent the particulate matter generated by indoor air pollution from penetrating into and damaging the skin, thus providing a fresher, healthier, more rejuvenated appearance.

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