General Payment Default Terms for Unpaid Orders

1. I/we understand that we must make prompt payment of my/our orders to Amway.
2. If I/we default on any payment or instalments, where a debit or credit card is declined, all outstanding payments for the orders shall immediately become due and payable.
3. I/we agree and authorise Amway to deduct my/our bonuses for the full amount outstanding or balance remaining by any means that Amway deems necessary.
4. I/we agree that it is my/our responsibility to ensure all debit or credit cards used are authorised and have sufficient limits to complete the transaction to ensure a smooth, seamless and successful deduction of the outstanding payments or instalments.
5. I/we understand that Amway is entitled to protect its rights and interests by taking the suitable action to recover all outstanding payments (regardless of when the default occurred), which include instituting legal proceedings to recover all credit defaults, reporting credit defaults to a credit reporting agency, and/or passing the outstanding payments to licensed collection agencies, for which consequences, I/we will be responsible.
6. I/we acknowledge that my/our ordering and/or other facilities offered by Amway will be suspended for as long as Amway deems appropriate in the event my/our bonuses are insufficient to cover the outstanding payments.
7. Amway reserves the right to revise and update these Terms and Conditions from time to time at its sole discretion. All changes will become effective immediately.