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essentials by ARTISTRY Gel Cleanser (125ml)

A mild yet effective cleanser that removes impurities, clogged dirt, and excess oil to help produce a fresher, cleaner-looking complexion.

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The essentials by ARTISTRY collection is a product line that cleanses skin and moisturises while controlling surface oil.

The featured ingredients in essentials by ARTISTRY products are naturally inspired. Each featured ingredient has specific properties that fit the product.

i. Gel Cleanser Cucumber Antioxidant
ii. Light Lotion Chamomile Antioxidant
iii. Makeup Removing Wipes Vitamin E Antioxidant
iv. Anti-Blemish Pore Refreshing Toner Lemon Clarifier, helps balance skin’s pH
v. Anti-Blemish Treatment Gel Witch Hazel Astringent, Clarifying, Calming

For best results, always cleanse skin before applying the moisturiser. You may like using the Gel Cleanser in the morning, and the Makeup Removing Wipes at the end of the day. The Makeup Removing Wipes are also great when you’re on the go, as they are easily packed into a bag.

  • PREP: Gel Cleanser (morning and/or evening), Makeup Removing Wipes (evening only) and Pore Refreshing Toner (morning and evening)
  • TREAT: Anti-Blemish Gel Treatment (up to 3x/day)
  • NOURISH: Light Lotion (morning and evening)

The Gel Cleanser is a mild formula designed to be used on the face. Many soaps are not suited for facial use because they disrupt skin’s natural lipid barrier, protective mantle and moisture balance.

Skin always needs to be moisturised, even oily skin. Applying a moisturiser will actually help reduce sebum production and give skin a better texture. A moisturiser increases water content in the skin and prevents further moisture loss when infused with humectants. These will attract moisture from the air, keeping skin moist and supple throughout the day. By slowing the evaporation of moisture on the face, sebum production slows down. Oily skin is not hydrated skin, but skin that lacks hydration.

These products do not contain sunscreen. One of the most important aspects in any skincare regimen is the use of a broad spectrum sunscreen product. We recommend using the ARTISTRY EXACT FIT BB Cream SPF35 to prevent skin exposure to the damaging UV rays.

Like any product, the products should be stored in cool dry places to avoid accelerated ageing.

The expected use-up rate for essentials by ARTISTRY products is approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

essentials by ARTISTRY products are designed to be compatible with all skin types, including sensitive skin. Those with oilier complexions, however, may find these textures particularly suitable.

Gluten was not deliberately added to the products.

All products are synthetic colourant-free and free of phthalates. Some of the products do contain parabens as preservatives. These parabens are safe to use and are approved in all markets by the regulatory governing bodies. The cleanser is sulfate-free. The Anti-Blemish Gel Treatment is fragrance-free.

Not entirely. While there is certified organic Acerola Cherry in the Gel Cleanser formula and the Light Lotion formula, the formulas cannot be classified as organic.

For the most part, yes. All formulas are non-comedogenic, which means they do not clog pores. While the fragrance does contain oil, we can still claim that the Gel Cleanser and Light Lotion formulas are oil-free. The Wipes, too, are oil-free.

All the products have been developed to be stable under normal conditions. Extreme heat or cold may cause a problem and should be avoided.

  • Patents: Shiso (Perilla) & Aloe anti-irritation complex is patented, included in the Gel Cleanser and Light Lotion.
  • Grown by the NUTRILITE brand: Acerola Cherry

None of the products were tested on animals.

No. There are no animal-derived ingredients in these formulas.

As always, ARTISTRY products were clinically tested for safe use when used as directed. Clinical evaluations were also conducted on each product to achieve the substantiated claims.

Yes, each product (except the Makeup Removing Wipes) contains Acerola Cherry extract from the NUTRILITE brand, grown on our Brazilian farm.

Currently, essentials by ARTISTRY does not contain a sunscreen product. The range of ARTISTRY products offers some SPF products formulated for the face. Examples include ARTISTRY EXACT FIT Beauty Balm SPF 35, or ARTISTRY EXACT FIT Longwearing Foundation SPF 15, or ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE Illuminating CC Cream SPF 50 PA+++ or ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE UV Protect SPF 50+ PA++++.

All our products were dermatologist tested. The essentials by ARTISTRY Gel Cleanser and Light Lotion do not carry any eye area claims, therefore, no ophthalmologist testing was required. You should not use the Light Lotion around the eye area. The Makeup Removing Wipes can be used around the eyes, so they were ophthalmologist tested. If you are seeking an eye area moisturiser, try the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Refreshing Eye Gel-Cream, to minimise the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

The Gel Cleanser and Light Lotion were tested on sensitive skin individuals, thus they are suitable for sensitive skin. The Makeup Removing Wipes, however, is not recommended for those with sensitive skin.

The products have been thoroughly tested on individuals of all skin types, ranging from normal to sensitive. There was no evidence of allergic response or extreme skin irritation. However, we recognise that no testing programme can guarantee that all individuals who use these products will not react. No skincare product is guaranteed to be 100% irritation-free for everyone. Each person's tolerance for topical products and sensations is different.

The Gel Cleanser and Light Lotion are all gentle and mild so usage with a sunburned skin should be acceptable. We do not recommend using the Makeup Removing Wipes until inflammation has subsided.

Safety studies of cosmetics are not conducted on pregnant women. Whether or not to use these or any other products should be discussed between the patient and her doctor.

The human body is very unique and dynamic. Products can have very different effects dependent on diet or environment conditions. Therefore, if a product causes an unusual reaction, discontinue use for a significant period of time (one week to a month). If the product continues to cause a negative experience at a different time, then there is likely something that the individual may be allergic or sensitive to.

Yes, additional exfoliation through gentle mechanical particulates such as the ARTISTRY Polishing Exfoliant can be beneficial to skin. However, the Polishing Exfoliant is not recommended for daily usage, as too much exfoliation can be overly drying to skin. Also, if your skin is already damaged from acne, we recommend supplemental (weekly) usage only. Excessive abrasive exfoliation can create micro tears in the skin and enhance irritation.

  • HYDRA-V Refreshing Eye Gel-Cream
  • Deep Cleansing Mask
  • EXACT FIT POWDER for touch-ups
  • Light-up Lip Gloss
  • Advanced Skin Refinisher
  • Renewing Peel

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