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Exfoliates and revitalises skin to look more radiant and translucent.

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Each mask addresses a specific skin concern, so you can target multiple skin concerns. Each mask also features an exclusive Nutrilite-sourced ingredient, such as Pomegranate, Black Currant, Citrus, White Chia Seed or Green Tea Extract.

Yes! The masks were designed for multi-masking, so you can use multiple masks at the same time on different areas of your face, or on different days.

Yes, our masks are rinse-off products. Unlike sheet masks that cover the whole face or can only be used in one location, our masks are versatile enough for multi-masking.

Another benefit is the extra care that comes from massaging while you apply or wash off our masks. This physical action can benefit your skin (e.g. by increasing exfoliation or circulation) but is absent with many sheet masks.

Clinical, consumer and laboratory testing were performed to support safety and efficacy claims. Studies were performed to ensure the formulas are well-tolerated, efficacious and satisfy consumer expectations.

Every mask is suitable for all skin types, but the Purifying Mask was designed specifically to remove excess oils and reduce shine.

Every mask is suitable for all skin types, but the Hydrating Mask was designed specifically to rehydrate dry skin.

Although none of the masks targets acne, the Purifying Mask removes excess oils and cleanses impurities in pores. Excess oil can foster bacteria, leading to clogged/enlarged pores and acne lesions.

No. Our masks include environmentally-sensitive alternatives to microbeads. The Polishing Mask exfoliates your skin with Natural Cane Sugar. The Brightening Mask and Purifying Mask include Jojoba Beads, which are made from a biodegradable natural wax—not plastic.

We wanted to captivate the senses with every mask, and to create a unique experience with multi-masking. Specifically, the fragrance for each mask was inspired by the featured Nutrilite™-sourced ingredient in that mask.

No. The masks do not contain animal-derived ingredients.

No. Artistry opposes animal testing and the masks were not tested on animals.

No wheat- or barley-derived ingredients are included in the Artistry Signature Select Masks. However, we cannot guarantee that our beauty and personal care raw materials have been stored or processed without risk of gluten cross-contamination.

Store your masks in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. There is no need to refrigerate them. We do not recommend keeping them in the shower.

Yes, parabens are used to effectively preserve the mask formulas. Parabens are widely used to preserve cosmetic and personal care products by preventing microbial contamination.

It’s like multi-tasking—but with masks! Use different masks at the same time on different areas of your face. Each face zone has specific concerns, so multi-masking allows you to address multiple skincare needs at once. Remember: do not mix the masks before applying and do not apply more than one mask on a single area of your face.

The Hydrating and Firming Masks were designed to be used once daily. The Brightening and Purifying Masks can be used 3-4 times a week, skipping a day between uses. The Polishing Mask can be used 2-3 times a week, skipping a day between uses. All masks can be used in the morning or the evening.

Yes. Use your daily cleanser and/or makeup remover before applying the masks.

The Hydrating, Brightening and Firming Masks can be used on the neck as well as the face. The Purifying and Polishing Masks were designed for use on facial skin.

The Brightening Mask contains Natural Loofah Grains and Jojoba Beads to gently care for dull skin. After the mask has been left on for 7 minutes, the step of removing it helps the product impart a bright appearance. The best way to remove it is to lightly massage the product off with warm water.

Yes; the masks are aesthetically compatible with and were designed to be added to your existing Artistry regimen. Use them after your daily cleanser. However, when adding to your skincare routine it is always a good practice to only introduce one new product at a time, and to wait at least one week before introducing any other new products. Customers should personalise a skincare routine, or any multi-masking recipe, based upon their own perceived skin sensitivity.

Yes! The masks are appropriate for both women and men.

Yes, the masks have been dermatologist-tested and are safe for use when used as directed.

The Hydrating, Firming and Polishing Masks were thoroughly tested on subjects with sensitive skin. Testing showed no evidence of allergic response or extreme irritation. However, no testing programme can guarantee that all sensitive users will have no reaction.

A tingling sensation and tightness is expected and normal for some users, typically those with more sensitive skin. This sensation won’t last too long and will likely dissipate with continued use.

If you experience a more intense/unpleasant sensation such as stinging, burning or irritation, wash off the product. We encourage you to try again, but:

  • Use less product as you apply.
  • Let more time go by between applications. For example, apply just once or twice a week at first.

As your skin develops a tolerance and the intense/unpleasant sensations diminish, gradually increase to the standard recommendations for amount of product to apply and frequency of use. You may still feel a tingling or tightness, which is normal, but it should not be unpleasant.

If you continue to experience an intense/unpleasant sensation which is accompanied with redness and flaking of skin, discontinue use of the product.

The Purifying Mask contains French Clay to help remove oil from skin’s surface. Once the mask dries, a tightening, tingling or slight stinging sensation may occur, which is normal and indicates the product is working.

Take care when applying around eyes, because the skin in this area is particularly delicate and sensitive. Specifically, do not apply any of the masks on the eyelid, and keep the product application at least 2.5cm (1 inch) away from your eyes.

No. The masks should not be applied directly to the lips.

No. Although our masks are designed for multi-masking, only one mask formula should be used in each zone. Do not mix masks together before applying and do not blend multiple masks on top of each other on your face.

Generally, we do not recommend that any cosmetic product be used after a sunburn or after any cosmetic treatment that causes extreme inflammation. Artistry products should only be used after inflammation has subsided. For use after chemical peel or laser treatment, customers should consult their physician.

Our mask ingredients were shown to be safe for use, cosmetic safety studies are not conducted on pregnant women. Since skin conditions change during pregnancy, discuss your regimen with your physician.

We do not recommend the use of any other exfoliating products when using the Polishing Mask as it can lead to over-exfoliation of skin making it more sensitive.

When it comes to combining other products with your masks, we recommend that you personalise your skincare routine based upon your own perceived skin sensitivity. It is always a good practice to introduce only one new product at a time and to wait at least one week before introducing an additional new product.

If a mask is left on the skin longer than the recommended 7 minutes, the formula may dry out the skin and leave you with a feeling of dryness, tightness or even itchiness. We recommend setting a timer or checking the time you apply so that you rinse any Artistry Signature Select Masks off after 7 minutes.

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