Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care (11pc/pack)

The New Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care set has been revamped to take advantage of modern advances and combines them with effective traditional formulations in a convenient package that is even easier to use. Infused with essential oils to enhance and improve the mother’s well-being as well as help them maintain a relaxed state of mind during their confinement, the set is aimed at better addressing the needs of the modern mum.

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RM 424.50

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Yes, it can be taken with other Nutrilite supplements.

Yes, the Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care can be used with traditional Chinese confinement herbs. The dosage and usage instructions are the same.

Yes, it is safe for nursing mothers.

Yes. However, the Herbal Massage Oil, Firming Herbal Blend and Post Natal Binder are only to be used one month after your delivery.

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