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Supplements for Your Skin

Just like the body has nutritional needs to be healthy, so does the skin — so our products work like supplements for your skin. They transform your look and reveal the Healthy Beauty that’s uniquely you.

Our Guiding Promises

These values lie at the core of the ARTISTRY brand and all our products, from skincare and makeup to fragrance and body. They are our inspiration, our daily focus and the source of our passion.

Powered by Advanced Skin Science + Phytonutrients

The latest cutting-edge research amplifies nature’s superstars — many from Nutrilite farms. This is what drives the visible results of Healthy Beauty.

Created with Clean and Traceable Nutrilite Phytonutrients

Traceability is knowing where products come from and how they are made — and our Nutrilite phytonutrients are clean and traceable from seed to skin. Safe, pure and conscientiously made.

Personalised For You

We develop targeted solutions for the unique needs of every person, products that are in sync with what makes you, you. This is the deeply Personalised experience of Healthy Beauty.

Cutting-Edge Research

With a research-and-development staff including Ph.D.’s and other experts, the renowned ARTISTRY Innovation & Science team (I&S) is continuously engaged in groundbreaking research into the science of Healthy Beauty—and has been for decades. Few companies can match the depth and breadth of our science.

Multiple Research Areas

Our scientists are experts in every key field in the study of skin, from skin physiology to toxicology, botany to biochemistry. Because of this, we approach Healthy Beauty from every angle. Far beyond a typical cosmetic company, we’re proud to say we don’t just cite scientific papers, we WRITE scientific papers. Over the years our groundbreaking work in the field of beauty has been recognised with over 200 patents around the world.

Amway’s Global Facial Image Database

Over the past two decades, Amway scientists have assembled one of the largest and most comprehensive facial image databases in the world. Using innovative techniques, we have scanned and analysed over 32,000 diverse faces from all over the world using standardised methods. Combined with consumer data, this technology gives our Amway scientists and clinical researchers the ability to deeply understand skin, how it ages, and the efficacy of ARTISTRY skincare products. Today, Amway’s Global Facial Image Database continues to grow-asn and represents an unparalleled resource that will drive new product innovation for ARTISTRY.

Global Collaborations

To ensure we have access to the very latest ideas, we partner with top researchers around the globe. These relationships, built on mutual respect, include close collaborations with renowned academic centres including University of Michigan, Seoul National University and Yale University.

Nutrilite-Grown Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients are at the heart of ARTISTRY formulas. And to find the best, bursting-with-goodness phytonutrients, we turn whenever possible to a source we trust above all others: Nutrilite farms.

What Are “Phytonutrients”?

"Phyto” comes from the Greek word meaning “plant.” And that’s exactly what phytonutrients are: plant nutrients — nutrients that are made naturally by plants. They are ideal for skincare because they are both powerful (in nature, plants generate them to grown, to stay strong and to protect themselves) and inherently natural. 

Phytonutrients include a wide array of beneficial molecules, from vitamins to other compounds. You may have heard of betacarotene, Omega3s and resveratrol, but there are tens of thousands.

ARTISTRY SKIN NUTRITION Products include Nutrilite-Grown Botanicals

Every ARTISTRY product is powered with one or more Nutrilite-grown botanicals — a unique collaboration between two trusted brands. 

Nutrilite brand was founded in 1934 by Carl Rehnborg, who combined a holistic approach to good nutrition with a deep understanding of the importance of phytonutrients. Today, ARTISTRY is the world’s only beauty brand collaborating with Nutrilite, the world’s #1 selling brand of vitamins and dietary supplements*. 

*Verified by Global Data based on 2019 data.

In fact, many of the plants used for ARTISTRY phytonutrients are cultivated on Nutrilite certified organic farms. At these specialised facilities, the plants are sustainably and meticulously grown to be pure and dense with nutrients. The plants are then carefully processed to yield their concentrated phytonutrient extracts.

145+ Years of Experience in Every Bottle

ARTISTRY products infused with Nutrilite-grown ingredients represent the culmination of a combined 145 years of experience — over 85 years of leadership in nutrition and wellness with over 60 years of expertise in beauty and skin science. That creates a partnership unlike any other beauty company in the world.

Ingredient Glossary

The ARTISTRY Heritage of Holistic, Healthy Beauty

For over 60 years, the idea of Healthy Beauty has always been at our core. Our roots began with Edith Rehnborg, a trailblazer for female entrepreneurs, and her husband Carl Rehnborg, founder of Nutrilite products. Together, they combined the best of beauty, science and nutrition to create a holistic approach to beauty. Edith’s mission was to provide beauty solutions while improving wellbeing. And we’re proud to continue that legacy today.

Each woman is an individual like no other, a self-made work of art

- Edith Rehnborg, ARTISTRY Founder

Our Heritage of Innovation