ARTISTRY Skin Nutrition - Traceability

What is Traceability?

What is ARTISTRY Traceability?

ARTISTRY Traceability provides proof of how our products are made. Our traceable proof of the details that ensure our products are clean and pure, and our formulas are safe and effective, can bring you peace of mind — and Healthy Beauty you can love.


Our scientific process unlocks the best botanical benefits nature has to offer for visibly healthy skin. Each ARTISTRY solution has its own story, revealed by its traceability details.

We document the science behind our formulas, proof of raw ingredient quality, who performs each meticulous step and every test that verifies a product meets our quality standards. You never have to guess whether your skincare is safe and effective because the details are traceable.

Botanical Origins

ARTISTRY products include Nutrilite-grown botanicals which are traceable at an even deeper level, from seed to skincare solution to you. 

We trace our Nutrilite-grown botanical ingredients to the certified organic farm where the plants are sustainably grown. We document who cares for them and how, as well as the relentless measures taken that ensure purity, safety and effectiveness. This level of traceability is proof of beneficial skincare with no compromises — clean and ethically produced.

Product Creation

From ingredient testing to finished product testing, ARTISTRY SKIN NUTRITION products can have more than 400 tests performed to ensure each batch meets our quality standards. 

Every ARTISTRY skincare product is made following relentless manufacturing standards and product quality practices similar to those applied to Nutrilite supplements. We control, document and verify processing steps multiple times for accuracy. The paper used in ARTISTRY SKIN NUTRITION cartons is sourced from sustainably managed forests practising responsible forest management.

Why is traceability important?

Traceability is proof of clean skincare. Clean is important, but it takes more than words to trust that a product meets your expectations. With traceability, you get documented proof that everything possible was done to preserve the beauty benefits the label promises. 

You can see that every precaution was taken to ensure the ingredients are not diluted or contaminated, and that the product was tested over and over to verify its safety and effectiveness.

Test. Then test again.

Healthy Beauty has trust built in

Trust comes from traceable proof that your skincare products are made to standards that exceed the beauty industry; that they are consciously created to protect you, the earth and the people involved in making your product; and that they have undergone rigorous safety testing 

We follow detailed ingredient and manufacturing standards similar to those applied to Nutrilite supplements. Every batch of ARTISTRY products is tested over and over for safety and quality, from the raw ingredients through the product we ship to you. If the product doesn’t pass, it doesn’t get shipped.

Purity Testing

Proving Clean Pass
Tested in Amway labs
All ingredient testing and review
Impurity assessment (ensuring absence of impurities)
Formulated with ingredients from our “yes” list
Formulated to comply with our “no” list
Formulate with no parabens
Formulated with no sulfate surfactants
Formulated with no phthalates
Formulated with no animal derivatives
Formulated with no mineral oil

Safety Testing

Proving Safe Pass
Ingredient compatibility
Micro testing on formula (to ensure no bad microorganisms are present)
Toxicology ingredient review (ensuring safety of your ingredient)
Third party clinical safety testing*
Skin sensitivity test (HRIPT)*
Formula biodegradability third party testing* (ensuring it’s safe for our environment)
In vitro safety testing*
All fragrances are compliant with current IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards
Absence of disease-causing bacteria
Absence of yeast
Absence of mold
Controlled microorganism count
pH check

Effectiveness Testing

Proving quality of ingredients to finish product Pass
Ingredient technology testing (Prevent and Repair Complexes, environmental protection, barrier repair, hydration)
Botanical synergy testing
University collaboration
Clinical testing
Active ingredient performance testing*
Sunscreen testing*
Stability testing
Shelf life verification
Volume checks
Packaging leakage tests
Packaging machinery checks (ensuring no contaminants)
Inspection of final product

*Testing performed on applicable products

The difference between “natural,” “organic” and “plant-based” and traceability

Terms like natural beauty products, all natural and organic skincare might mean a product is plant-based or contains organic botanical ingredients, but they don't automatically mean the product is safe and effective. 

Even with a “no” list of never-used ingredients, important details are missing about the ingredients that are included. Traceability provides the details that prove your product is safe, pure and effective – that what’s on the label is exactly what’s in the package. 

Our Nutrilite-grown botanicals are fully traceable

Some of our most important ingredients are traceable at an even deeper level. We call it “seed to skin” traceability, but that simple phrase contains an extraordinary journey. We trace our Nutrilite-grown botanical ingredients starting with the original seed batch. We then follow the seed to the farm where the plants are organically and sustainably grown (each plant has its own birth certificate), documenting who cares for them and how, and relentlessly checking and testing to ensure purity, safety and effectiveness. 

There are additional touchpoints at every step along the way, from the harvesting to the facility where the plant is transformed into a potent extract, from delivery to our plant to final packaging and distribution. This level of traceability is proof of beneficial skincare with no compromises – clean and ethically produced.

Check out the Ingredient Birth Certificates

Explore our Nutrilite Farms

Nutrilite Rancho El Petacal

Southwestern Mexico
Source of ARTISTRY White Chia Seed, Spinach, Pomegranate Certified Organic

The extra work it takes to farm with organic and sustainable practices is a labour of love for our farmers, many of whom help us share the benefits of sustainability with the local community surrounding the farm.

Fazenda Amway Nutrilite do Brasil

Northeastern Brazil
Source of ARTISTRY Acerola Cherry Certified Organic 

This is one of the largest acerola farms in the world, with over 127,000 acerola cherry trees. To produce cherries bursting with phytonutrients, the team enriches the soil with natural compost and other organic minerals.