ARTISTRY Skin Nutrition - Prevent & Repair Complex

It all started with a question –

How do we make skin look younger?

For many years, one of the key goals of skincare research was – and still is – to find a way to reverse signs of ageing. After years of research, ARTISTRY scientists had a fascinating discovery: they found that age plays only a small role in skin ageing. What’s more important was the health of your skin cells.

Healthy skin is younger-looking skin

Regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity, ARTISTRY scientists discovered that the healthier your skin cells, the younger you look. 

But our skin contains a mixture of both healthy cells and unhealthy cells at every age. So, it’s not enough to only repair unhealthy skin cells, you must also prevent damage to your healthy skin cells. 

That’s why, you need a balance of prevention and repair for healthy, youthful skin.

Testing the theory:

What is ARTISTRY Traceability?

We partnered with Dr. Gary J. Fisher, from the University of Michigan School, who developed a leading-edge skin ageing testing model. 

Using chemically-induced oxidative damage on healthy skin cells, the testing model could condense 90 years’ worth of chronological ageing into 2 weeks. This allowed us to test our botanicals and find blends that would be effective at repairing unhealthy, ageing skin cells.

Gary Fisher, PhD

Director Photobiology and Aging Research Laboratory.

Bringing Phytonutrients to new heights!

We tested more than 50 botanical ingredients, individually and in combination, to identify the highest performing blends. Then, we combined the innovations of our own research team with leading-edge “skin ageing” testing from the University of Michigan Medical School.

That’s how we developed the exclusive Prevent and Repair Complexes.


Balancing & Hydrating Solutions

Proven Phyto-Power +350%

Boosts skin’s natural defence system by 350%*, helping delay visible signs of ageing. 

It also: 

  • Helps preserves skin’s youthful condition by 200%.** 
  • Helps maintain a strong, youthful skin matrix by 180%.** 
  • Also offers Repair power — because your skin needs both.

Prevent Complex Key Ingredients

The key ingredients in the Prevent Complex work together synergistically to keep your skin looking younger for longer.

Nutrilite-Grown Acerola Cherry


Australian Daisy


Blackberry Extract

The Prevent Complex is included in all Balancing and Hydrating eye and face moisturisers where it prevents degradation of skin’s support, the extra-cellular matrix (ECM), protects existing support proteins and build skin’s own antioxidant defense mechanism.

Say no to early signs of ageing with the Prevent Complex found in the ARTISTRY SKIN NUTRITION Hydrating &Balancing Solutions.


Renewing & Firming Solutions

Proven Phyto-Power +600%

Restores skin’s youthful condition by 600%*, helping reverse visible signs of ageing.

It also: 

  • Reduces skin stressors by 90%. 
  • Revitalises mature skin to a more youthful condition by 220%.

Repair Complex Key Ingredients

Going a step further than prevention, the synergistic blend of key ingredients in the Repair Complex work together to repair damage and reverse visible signs of ageing.

Nutrilite-Grown Spinach




Tea Olive Flower

The Repair Complex is included in all Renewing and Firming eye and face moisturisers where it repairs and strengthens the skin’s support, the extra-cellular matrix (ECM), boosts the skin’s natural production of support components, reverses effects of stress induced damage.

Feel the reparative benefits of the Repair Complex with the ARTISTRY SKIN NUTRITION Renewing & Firming Solutions.